State of the nation…

I know, I’ve been a blog slacker again.  Blame the evil Twitter, I do, lolol

Anyway, what have I been up to?

As of today, the hobbits go back to school, so I have by days freed up and I can write–and not surf, honest.  Though Frodo’s future in the school is still up in the air.  Why am I surprised?  It’s been uncertain from the second day… 😉

I’ve got some writing groove back.  I subbed Emergence to my editor and I’m waiting impatiently for a reply *grin* At the minute, I’m writing a fantasy; haven’t written one of them since Skin Magic and I’m quite enjoying it.  It’s a virgin menage.  I know, I couldn’t believe it either when my heroine decided she was ‘…untouched…’  I also have a demons story on the go that is set in Demon’s Desire‘s world.  My first sequel of sorts.  I also have a super-duper-top-secret project I’m working on… *shhh*

And…the hobbits are up and I must get breakfast 🙂

I still hate decorating

Though our landing is looking much better after being stripped of acres of woodchip wallpaper and having numerous coats of paint applied to walls and five doors.

The Ent attacked the banisters and newel posts, scraping off yucky black paint to reveal the oak beneath.

It’s now less rental, more home…and we’ve only been here almost seven years, lol Tomorrow is painting the hobbits’ door TARDIS blue, then I’m having a rest from decorating for a while.

Now I’m off to bed. Waaay too tired, lol

More news on Frodo

The paediatrician who ordered Frodo’s MRI phoned last night and gave The Ent a load of medical jargon – which he thinks means Frodo’s brain isn’t showing any abnormalities.

Then she pops up with… “…but there is one thing…”

Frodo has a benign cyst on his pineal gland. Under 10mm and they wouldn’t take any further action. Frodo’s is naturally 12mm. So in 6 to 9 months time he gets to go in the MRI machine again. At least we know he won’t have to be anaesthetised as he was relaxed and calm the last time.

We don’t know – and in all likelihood the doctors don’t know either, lol – whether this has something to do with his mental impairment. Everything we can find on the pineal gland says a cyst doesn’t cause any symtoms…still has me wondering though.

News, news and yet more news

I haven’t blogged for a while as it’s been Samwise’s birthday week. Yes, he has a birthday week and it’s not over yet.

The Ent’s family came over last Saturday and we toddled off to Crosby beach to gawp at the iron men. Then later in the week, came Samwise’s birthday with nursery school cake and sweeties followed by presents at home.

That night we went off to she Omid Djalili. Just about stayed awake. Who thought a small boy’s fourth birthday could be so tiring?

Thursday was Frodo’s MRI scan. He managed to complete it without an anaesthetic, which we were really pleased about. And on the Friday was his six joint assessment. They decided rather quickly, it seemed to us, that Frodo is now on the spectrum. This after the assessment six weeks ago where it was stated that diagnosis wasn’t as important as meeting his needs. So we’ll see on this one… 😉

Frodo also went to a school disco after school. The Ent took him and he said Frodo had a great time.

And today…we got the letter that said Samwise will go to Frodo’s school in September. Big relief all round *grin*

So…there’s only tomorrow left and that’s Samwise’s birthday party at Yellow Sub. I think both The Ent and I need to sleep for a week, lol

Oh..and I wrote a bit too.

The next fortnight…

…might be a little crazy.

Frodo has to be assessed by all sorts of specialists – hurrah, something might happen to get him support in school – have an MRI and generally days will be taken up taking him places.

And in less than a fortnight is Samwise’s 4th birthday.  And we have to prep for the party he’s having.

So if you’re wondering where I am… See above *grin*

*Boink, boink, boink*

I got a phonecall this morning from Parent Partnershop just before I had to pick Samwise up from pre-school

Our Education Authority has agreed to assess Frodo for a statement, without dragging it to a Tribunal. Yay. They must have realised that it will cost them more to hold what is effectively a court hearing than to assess Frodo. And with his vast amount of documented history, showing no action from anyone, they also must have had an attack of common sense…

I know. I’m stunned too 😉

Why I did no writing…

…or the nightmare that you have to go through to get support for a mentally handicapped child.

Frodo had his fifth joint assessement yesterday…and the result? A date for his sixth joint assessment sometime in April. *sigh*

Going into detail would probably make me more explosive than Vesuvius-on-crack again.  At one point, I wanted to scream and run out of the room.  We got precisely nowhere again.   So we’re going ahead with the statement tribunal to see if that puts a rocket under someone.

It’s all about money.  Frodo needs full time 0ne-to-one support and the question no one will answer is: Who is going to pay for it? 

So in the meantime, Frodo gets ten minutes a week from the inclusion service, SENISS and that’s it. The Ent and I came home, sorted the hobbits and then both passed out from emotional exhaustion.  Then this morning my kidney kicked off.  Stress factor 9 for both of us, I think *sigh*

Going away now to make tea and calm down.

One more day to go…

Samwise was in nursery this morning and Frodo is back tomorrow. Yay. Hopefully I can get back to the writing schedule that saw me through November. I’ve been trying to write about 1000 words a day… and I’ve managed that so far since Thursday – though Saturday didn’t really happen as we were in Nottingham.

So while the hobbits fight over Thunderbird 2 (they can fight over anything *sigh*) I get to update my blog. Lost Gods hit the 10 000 word mark this morning. I still have more to write as it’s only about 500 words of my total, but I need the incentive. So, I ‘ve given myself a reward.

The Master is not quite so loose with his favours as the Colonel… 😉


Appointments away!

Made it to the doctor this morning, just about on time. It decided to rain heavily just as we left the house. Luckily Samwise’s Benji Bear was in a plastic bag and Frodo’s three dinosaurs were in my pocket. Benji Bear is a reward toy from Samwise’s pre-school. Samwise has him as an almost permanent attachment to his left armpit *sigh*

So we ended up with an optician’s appointment for Samwise in early January, via the NHS’s ‘choose and book’ scheme. You’re supposed to be able to do it online. The GP pointed out that only 3 people had actually managed this that she knew of, lol. Though this isn’t surprising as it’s not supported in Firefox or Safari…obviously it’s IE all the way! *grrr*

Frodo’s MRI she’s sending a letter for and talking to the Paediatrician. I have to call back in three weeks as the requests often go astray in the hospital system. Hopefully, he will get an MRI as simple observation and testing doesn’t seem to be getting the professionals anywhere fast. Might be the first time they can actually work out what Frodo’ss thinking 😉

On the Sven front. I was a bad monkey. I wrote 300 words yesterday and stopped to work out the rest of the plot. It’s the final act – odd the way this story has fallen neatly into a 3 act structure. Unfortunately, I fell asleep till…well…this morning. So I have still to plot and hopefully write. First I have to wait for Grandma Gandalf to arrive and entertain Samwise…