Why I did no writing…

…or the nightmare that you have to go through to get support for a mentally handicapped child.

Frodo had his fifth joint assessement yesterday…and the result? A date for his sixth joint assessment sometime in April. *sigh*

Going into detail would probably make me more explosive than Vesuvius-on-crack again.  At one point, I wanted to scream and run out of the room.  We got precisely nowhere again.   So we’re going ahead with the statement tribunal to see if that puts a rocket under someone.

It’s all about money.  Frodo needs full time 0ne-to-one support and the question no one will answer is: Who is going to pay for it? 

So in the meantime, Frodo gets ten minutes a week from the inclusion service, SENISS and that’s it. The Ent and I came home, sorted the hobbits and then both passed out from emotional exhaustion.  Then this morning my kidney kicked off.  Stress factor 9 for both of us, I think *sigh*

Going away now to make tea and calm down.