I still hate decorating

Though our landing is looking much better after being stripped of acres of woodchip wallpaper and having numerous coats of paint applied to walls and five doors.

The Ent attacked the banisters and newel posts, scraping off yucky black paint to reveal the oak beneath.

It’s now less rental, more home…and we’ve only been here almost seven years, lol Tomorrow is painting the hobbits’ door TARDIS blue, then I’m having a rest from decorating for a while.

Now I’m off to bed. Waaay too tired, lol

Another novella is away!

I did the absolute final read through of Paladin yesterday and sent it off as a ‘Creamy’ theme consideration 😀

Today, I have to plot Chance and try and get some writing done on it. Tomorrow is the autism course, Samwise’s nativity play and a night out with the fighting Uruk-hai (ie the reception mothers) – so bugger all in the way of writing tomorrow 😉

The next fortnight…

…might be a little crazy.

Frodo has to be assessed by all sorts of specialists – hurrah, something might happen to get him support in school – have an MRI and generally days will be taken up taking him places.

And in less than a fortnight is Samwise’s 4th birthday.  And we have to prep for the party he’s having.

So if you’re wondering where I am… See above *grin*

Poor Samwise

I got a phonecall from the doctor’s today.  Poor Samwise has to go back and get another blood test as they didn’t get enough of a sample this time.

Someone obviously messed up.  The vampire nurse got enough blood to fill the teeny-tiny vials.

So he has to go through all of this again.  Though I’ve chickened out and asked The Ent to take him.  If Samwise is going to freak, it’ll probably be more helpful to him to have a parent there who isn’t three seconds away from blacking out. *sigh*

Samwise the brave

So I took Samwise to Alder Hey for his blood test.

It turns out his veins are as crappy as mine. The nurse taking the sample said we could wait the half hour or longer for magic cream to take effect, or just do it. So we just did it…and the needle stuck in his arm.

He started to whimper, but he didn’t cry. Finally she got it out, and took the blood from the back of his hand. He just said it hurt and was whimpering a little…but he was a lot better at this than me, because my usual problem with needles had kicked in and I was on my way to passing out *sigh*

Anyway, she got the sample and I had to stagger out to the front of the hospital and sit on a bench until the roaring, dizziness and black haze stopped. Samwise was saying he was braver than me, and he’s not wrong. He also said I should pretend not to be afraid of needles and then I wouldn’t get dizzy. This from a three year old, lol

As a reward for being brave, we went to the cafe and he got a big chocolate muffin. *grin*

One more day to go…

Samwise was in nursery this morning and Frodo is back tomorrow. Yay. Hopefully I can get back to the writing schedule that saw me through November. I’ve been trying to write about 1000 words a day… and I’ve managed that so far since Thursday – though Saturday didn’t really happen as we were in Nottingham.

So while the hobbits fight over Thunderbird 2 (they can fight over anything *sigh*) I get to update my blog. Lost Gods hit the 10 000 word mark this morning. I still have more to write as it’s only about 500 words of my total, but I need the incentive. So, I ‘ve given myself a reward.

The Master is not quite so loose with his favours as the Colonel… 😉