Wow, it’s been almost a year

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Looks back at the past year. Yep. No…

Anyway, feeling a bit cruddy–though I don’t think it’s…IT–and thought I’d start posting my daz/photoshop images again.

I think since I last posted I’ve improved my use of light. And there’s always the fun of photoshop.




I was sorting through Daz content that I hadn’t used…and this happened.

I do love to play it retro 🙂

I’ve also working on a mixture of stuff for post working. I was layering in light , rendering each individual light source, but that, whilst giving great control, makes for so many laborious renders and huge Photoshop files.

Then I stumbled over canvases, where you have layers generated within the Daz render. They are also huge files and I trash them after I’ve used them in an image. My harddrive is struggling as it is! I’m finding using canvases very hit and miss. What will work like a dream for one image is a hot mess for another.

This image has one, maybe two canvases at a low opacity. Mostly this is good old dodge and burn.

Onwards to finding a system and a style that works for me!

#digitalart #retroart #scifiart

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