I still hate decorating

Though our landing is looking much better after being stripped of acres of woodchip wallpaper and having numerous coats of paint applied to walls and five doors.

The Ent attacked the banisters and newel posts, scraping off yucky black paint to reveal the oak beneath.

It’s now less rental, more home…and we’ve only been here almost seven years, lol Tomorrow is painting the hobbits’ door TARDIS blue, then I’m having a rest from decorating for a while.

Now I’m off to bed. Waaay too tired, lol

News, news and yet more news

I haven’t blogged for a while as it’s been Samwise’s birthday week. Yes, he has a birthday week and it’s not over yet.

The Ent’s family came over last Saturday and we toddled off to Crosby beach to gawp at the iron men. Then later in the week, came Samwise’s birthday with nursery school cake and sweeties followed by presents at home.

That night we went off to she Omid Djalili. Just about stayed awake. Who thought a small boy’s fourth birthday could be so tiring?

Thursday was Frodo’s MRI scan. He managed to complete it without an anaesthetic, which we were really pleased about. And on the Friday was his six joint assessment. They decided rather quickly, it seemed to us, that Frodo is now on the spectrum. This after the assessment six weeks ago where it was stated that diagnosis wasn’t as important as meeting his needs. So we’ll see on this one… 😉

Frodo also went to a school disco after school. The Ent took him and he said Frodo had a great time.

And today…we got the letter that said Samwise will go to Frodo’s school in September. Big relief all round *grin*

So…there’s only tomorrow left and that’s Samwise’s birthday party at Yellow Sub. I think both The Ent and I need to sleep for a week, lol

Oh..and I wrote a bit too.

Stuff, stuff, stuff

Back from a weekend away with The Ent’s family.  All of us were pretty knackered and just past out last night, lol

We pottered about Clitheroe and went to Blackpool on Sunday to see the Doctor Who Exhibition there.  Most of it was fairly ropey, old stuff and they one displayed a few items from series one, but the shop was good *grin*

I didn’t get much written over the weekend – 95 words – so Awakening has just crawled over 8k.  And that’s the amount I wrote for Sven for last week.  Last Wednesday when 200 words struggled out, I thought I’d end the week on 3k if I was lucky.  So I’m happy.

Why I did no writing…

…or the nightmare that you have to go through to get support for a mentally handicapped child.

Frodo had his fifth joint assessement yesterday…and the result? A date for his sixth joint assessment sometime in April. *sigh*

Going into detail would probably make me more explosive than Vesuvius-on-crack again.  At one point, I wanted to scream and run out of the room.  We got precisely nowhere again.   So we’re going ahead with the statement tribunal to see if that puts a rocket under someone.

It’s all about money.  Frodo needs full time 0ne-to-one support and the question no one will answer is: Who is going to pay for it? 

So in the meantime, Frodo gets ten minutes a week from the inclusion service, SENISS and that’s it. The Ent and I came home, sorted the hobbits and then both passed out from emotional exhaustion.  Then this morning my kidney kicked off.  Stress factor 9 for both of us, I think *sigh*

Going away now to make tea and calm down.

Sven is back…

…and am I ready?  Probably not.

I have a list of six wips that I’d like to make a dent in, though I haven’t got the final 3k from Lost Gods that I wanted to get this week.  It’s tougher to plug in the extra wordage than I thought… 😉

I got 850 (Sven 3’s minimum this time around) written by midnight on it though, so it stands at 47002.  It was a bit of relief as we had a plasterer for 5.5 hours fixing the bodgy mess the engineer had made installing the french windows.  Then we had to go shopping, sort the hobbits out, eat, shout at CSI:NY a lot and try to write over The Ent’s snores.

So today’s plan is to make a bit more of a dent in Lost Gods and plan out what I have to write for the contemporary I want to finish, Golden Cupid.  And that’s the working title, honest, hehe

To help me, I think I need a little…prodding…

Master Mot 4

Thirty whole hours…

…without the internet.

Yes, I was going slightly mental.  I lost all concentration while trying to write.  I have ‘mental rests’ in between scribblings. I had no idea how vital they were, until I tried to write Friday and Saturday, lol

Anyway, The Ent got it sorted after much hassle with Ornage and it came back around 10pm last night.  We then both feverishly feed our addiction to all things webby for about 3 hours… *phew*

Now The Ent’s taken the Hobbits to Yellow Sub to run around for a couple of hours, giving me the chance to post about Past Lies on the Samhain blog.  I need peace and quiet and acres of time to navigate the intricacies of that blog! lol  But it’s done – hurrah – so now time for breakfast and getting back to Lost Gods.

I should have the first draft of that done today/tomorrow – then I have to go back and fill in all the plot points I discovered while writing it, lol