More news on Frodo

The paediatrician who ordered Frodo’s MRI phoned last night and gave The Ent a load of medical jargon – which he thinks means Frodo’s brain isn’t showing any abnormalities.

Then she pops up with… “…but there is one thing…”

Frodo has a benign cyst on his pineal gland. Under 10mm and they wouldn’t take any further action. Frodo’s is naturally 12mm. So in 6 to 9 months time he gets to go in the MRI machine again. At least we know he won’t have to be anaesthetised as he was relaxed and calm the last time.

We don’t know – and in all likelihood the doctors don’t know either, lol – whether this has something to do with his mental impairment. Everything we can find on the pineal gland says a cyst doesn’t cause any symtoms…still has me wondering though.

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