Lost Gods…they say YES!

Liquid Silver Books offered me a contract on Saturday *squeee* It’s my first novel length sf romance 😀

This is the blurb:

Frozen for decades on an abandoned asteroid, Katya Ortaega thaws and collapses at the feet of the most deliciously sinful man she has ever seen… she thinks.

Katya’s problem is her memory–she hasn’t got one. Her mind is blank. And now she’s stuck on a drilling platform with James Kinsare, a man who has her skin tingling and sometimes not in a good way. James is not who he appears to be and she can’t trust him… even as she finds him far too attractive.

All too soon, her past rears in the form of a man intent on killing both of them and now they have to work together to stay alive. However, Katya’s memories begin to resurface. And James Kinsare, the man who’s kept her alive against all the odds, the man who’s thawing her frozen heart, he might prove to be the biggest threat of all.

Sven is back…

…and am I ready?  Probably not.

I have a list of six wips that I’d like to make a dent in, though I haven’t got the final 3k from Lost Gods that I wanted to get this week.  It’s tougher to plug in the extra wordage than I thought… 😉

I got 850 (Sven 3’s minimum this time around) written by midnight on it though, so it stands at 47002.  It was a bit of relief as we had a plasterer for 5.5 hours fixing the bodgy mess the engineer had made installing the french windows.  Then we had to go shopping, sort the hobbits out, eat, shout at CSI:NY a lot and try to write over The Ent’s snores.

So today’s plan is to make a bit more of a dent in Lost Gods and plan out what I have to write for the contemporary I want to finish, Golden Cupid.  And that’s the working title, honest, hehe

To help me, I think I need a little…prodding…

Master Mot 4

Still here…

I have a cold. A nasty, stinky head cold that won’t shift and gave me nightmares about drowning *blech*

Anyway, I have been writing. I was naughty and started my Nocturne Bite wip – Awakening. It’s at 1468 and I’ll probaby work on the plot today. And Lost Gods just hit 40 000 words as of a few minutes ago. So I finally get to post me another reward icon. Yay

Master Reward

And Michelle Hasker has to write up a storm to get her reward icon posted. Hint. Hint…