News, news and yet more news

I haven’t blogged for a while as it’s been Samwise’s birthday week. Yes, he has a birthday week and it’s not over yet.

The Ent’s family came over last Saturday and we toddled off to Crosby beach to gawp at the iron men. Then later in the week, came Samwise’s birthday with nursery school cake and sweeties followed by presents at home.

That night we went off to she Omid Djalili. Just about stayed awake. Who thought a small boy’s fourth birthday could be so tiring?

Thursday was Frodo’s MRI scan. He managed to complete it without an anaesthetic, which we were really pleased about. And on the Friday was his six joint assessment. They decided rather quickly, it seemed to us, that Frodo is now on the spectrum. This after the assessment six weeks ago where it was stated that diagnosis wasn’t as important as meeting his needs. So we’ll see on this one… 😉

Frodo also went to a school disco after school. The Ent took him and he said Frodo had a great time.

And today…we got the letter that said Samwise will go to Frodo’s school in September. Big relief all round *grin*

So…there’s only tomorrow left and that’s Samwise’s birthday party at Yellow Sub. I think both The Ent and I need to sleep for a week, lol

Oh..and I wrote a bit too.