Sven is back!

After a long absence… Sven is back! I’ve signed up. Anything that gets me accountable for putting words in a wip is fine by me. I have the Whiskey Shot and Nano to support me too, lol. I have to plot out stalled stories tonight as my head hurts too much to write 😉

So with Sven comes the obligatory motivational icons. Here’s the first:

Interrupting the *arghghghs*

I got Lost Gods finished, the synopsis written and it all subbed. Yay

The current count for it is 50 890. So that’s two subs since Sven began on 1 March *grin*. I have an EC Jewel story that has to be in by 1 May but in the meantime I’m going to see if I can get a handle on another bugbear story, Fracture.

It would be nice to sub that in about three weeks time *grin*

Stuff, stuff, stuff

Back from a weekend away with The Ent’s family.  All of us were pretty knackered and just past out last night, lol

We pottered about Clitheroe and went to Blackpool on Sunday to see the Doctor Who Exhibition there.  Most of it was fairly ropey, old stuff and they one displayed a few items from series one, but the shop was good *grin*

I didn’t get much written over the weekend – 95 words – so Awakening has just crawled over 8k.  And that’s the amount I wrote for Sven for last week.  Last Wednesday when 200 words struggled out, I thought I’d end the week on 3k if I was lucky.  So I’m happy.

Sven update

My kidney was twingy for most of the day, so it was good to concentrate on something other than it.  I got about 1500 words written yesterday.  Most of it is probably pants and will be ditched/changed, but I needed to write something, lol

With the achiness increasing it was handy I went to the GP on Monday and complained about the consultant appointment I’d been given.  June??   So, fingers crossed that’ll get bumped up.

Back to figuring out what the hell these two are going to do next.

Sven is back…

…and am I ready?  Probably not.

I have a list of six wips that I’d like to make a dent in, though I haven’t got the final 3k from Lost Gods that I wanted to get this week.  It’s tougher to plug in the extra wordage than I thought… 😉

I got 850 (Sven 3’s minimum this time around) written by midnight on it though, so it stands at 47002.  It was a bit of relief as we had a plasterer for 5.5 hours fixing the bodgy mess the engineer had made installing the french windows.  Then we had to go shopping, sort the hobbits out, eat, shout at CSI:NY a lot and try to write over The Ent’s snores.

So today’s plan is to make a bit more of a dent in Lost Gods and plan out what I have to write for the contemporary I want to finish, Golden Cupid.  And that’s the working title, honest, hehe

To help me, I think I need a little…prodding…

Master Mot 4

The end of Sven

The master 7

Sweat with Sven ends today and my official count when I signed in this morning was…

84 008.

I know I wouldn’t have written that much in a normal, unSven 3 month period so it definitely worked for me. I now know I can write abut 750-1000 come rain or shine (well crappy kidney did stop play for awhile 😉 ) and I’m addicted to watching that word count increase day by day. I have 2 excel spreadsheets dedicated to it.

They’ll start talk of a new Sven in February. I am so there!

A sale!

I sold one of my finished Sven stories to Wild Child Publishing, for their Star Stepping anthology *grin*  It’s called The Honourable Lady.  Here’s the blurb – which may change, as I wrote it 😉

Royal Officials are vanishing and Evia-ben-Thiak doesn’t intend to be one of them.

As a high-ranking member of the Court, she fears for her life.  So, she takes the only option open to her.  She hides on a boat sailing to her home-island.

However, the boat is not the sanctuary she hoped for.  A friend from her childhood, the now-feared sorcerer, Makovik is also onboard. To be seen with him could end her career; have her thrown in the deepest dungeon.  But more than that, she finds he has a plan.

And his actions will change her life forever… 

Trying to get back on the writing wagon

December was mostly a wash out. I probably got about 10000 words during the whole month.

So I made my resolution today to try to get back into my Sven routine. Fracture – which I’m going to read through right now – is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve got to about 16k on Chosen. But at the minute I’ve been inspired to tackle Lost Gods again.

I just hit 5104 words on that… So, I’m reinstigating my reward system *grin* The Colonel will be sharing the system with someone else in 2008… The Master.

Master Reward 1

Odd inspiration


So this is ‘The Suit” that jumped out at me while watching SGA Miller’s Crossing on Tuesday. I had a bugger of a time finding an image. In the end, I found some here .

It happened at the exact time that I was getting back into Fracture and everything in that episode resonated with my hero. This includes how Sheppard resolves the problem at the end. Not spoiling anything, but say hello to the darkside, John Sheppard. Joe Flanigan has apparently labelled his character a ‘pretty, pretty psycho princess’. My hero from Fracture? Yep, he’s going with the first three on that one, lol