I might start writing today

The lurgy is still with me – though now it’s settled into an annoying cough and my voice as gone all deep and husky, lmao

I’ve been working on Fracture, mainly trying to beef up the relationship of the two leads before I plunge into the last part of the story.  They’re not playing… *sigh*

And today, after much argument I finally managed to make an appointment at my doctors.  God forbid you should want to go there at a time that’s almost convenient to you *grrr*  I want a referral for Samwise’s eyes – he was short sighted as a baby and we were told to get him checked again when he was three.  I also want to get an MRI scan for Frodo.

It’s a major step, but since the-most-unprofessional-paediatrician-in-the-world has labelled him ADHD (with no explanation why and wants to throw Ritalin down his throat) we’re going with another’s view that an MRI might achieve something in finding out what’s wrong with him.

Just realised something…

…I’m not doing much else at the minute but writing, LOL  My total since 15 October is 24,292.

It’s a nice distraction as my blood pressure would have sky-rocketed this week. We learned that Frodo’s  SENISS (the mainstream school inclusion service) person, rather than turning up in his school for ten minutes to assess him, was there as his support teacher.  WTF? And that she’ll turn up for a whole whopping 30 minutes every Tuesday to support him in the mainstream setting.

30 minutes.


This for a boy who is 6 and has the language level and possibly understanding (we just don’t know) of a 3 year old.  The same boy who was denied a place in a special school because he didn’t have the ability to learn.

We have the horrible feeling that they’re playing politics with Frodo.


Sven says sweat

Sven says Sweat!!

I signed up for the Seventy Days of Sweat Writing Challenge. You can find it here

Basically, I want to finish and sub around 6 stories. 5 are started and one is a teeny tiny sparkle in my eye. The list is, in likely order:

Weaving Words
Satin Spar
The Honourable Lady
Unnamed psi romance ~ yes this is the sparkle one…
Bone Magician

If I get 4 done of that lot I’ll be a very happy camper. It doesn’t help that on the very day I start, Frodo has gone down with something, LOL Though I have 23 days of skiving off built into the challenge. *phew*

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Yesterday, there was a meeting to decide Frodo’s educational future.

At the end of last term, it looked like he was going to a special needs school that catered to language and learning difficulties. This inexplicably fell through in the last week of school. Hence, the Vesuvius on Crack post.

Now a panel, we are told, is looking at that decision.

Sadly, I won’t be holding my breath for a positive outcome *sigh*

Trapped and ranty

My edits for Nimue’s Price popped into the inbox this morning, so I’ve been sorting those. They and the TT were a needed distraction.

Frodo had an assessment in March. Saturday gone finally we got the report from the paediatrcian.
To say that we were extremely angry with what he has written is an understatement. Both the educationical psychologist and the speech therapist stressed how he should word the report to get the proper help for Frodo. He apparently chose to ignore this. I can’t even write about what he put, it gets me so riled, LOL

So this week we’ve trying to address this mess. *sigh*

Another bad blog month

Where did the month go… and what the hell was I doing? LOL

Mostly, I’ve been trying to write a dragon story. It’s a ‘carving it in stone with a wet noodle’ sort of effort. Not fun at the minute.

Oh as The Ent reported on his blog, Frodo is learning to read. I can’t tell you how very important this is, LOL. He seems to have broken through the ‘this is too hard’ barrier and is enjoying the very simple books his school supplies to read at home. We’ve found him on his bed, reading them to himself! *grin*

He has an assessment in March. To go to a language unit, we have to prove that there is a large gap between his abilities and his language development. Learning to read has to prove that gap is huge.