Personal Writing Challenge – Update

So…the first week of the PWC and I’ve managed to write – OMG – 10 890. Wow. I didn’t think it was quite that much, lol

I may get more written in October than I thought too, as my cough and cold has still not shifted. If I’m not fighting fit by next Tuesday, then my surgery won’t go ahead. And I have no clue how far into the future they’ll reschedule it *sigh*

Trying to get back on the writing wagon

December was mostly a wash out. I probably got about 10000 words during the whole month.

So I made my resolution today to try to get back into my Sven routine. Fracture – which I’m going to read through right now – is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve got to about 16k on Chosen. But at the minute I’ve been inspired to tackle Lost Gods again.

I just hit 5104 words on that… So, I’m reinstigating my reward system *grin* The Colonel will be sharing the system with someone else in 2008… The Master.

Master Reward 1

It got me

I’ve been fighting a cold for about a fortnight, but today it finally pinned me down and stuffed me full of mucus. Joy.

I did struggle out to the post office and put Dark Host in the post to Brava. And I’ve added to the word count of both Fracture and Chosen, so now I might have to curl up in a mound of soggy tissues and quietly veg. *blech*

November hit today

I’m glad I’m inside today. It’s wild, wet and blustery out there.

I’ve nothing much to blog about at the minute, as I am mostly writing, LOL Fracture is (hopefully) past the half way point. I was attacked by plot bunnies on Monday which threatened to drag the story into a novel, but I think I have them culled now 😉 And Chosen is moving on v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y, but at least its moving…

Building a story: Theme

I blogged here yesterday about my trials of starting a new project.

And today, I learned something else about successful story building… well for me any way.

Find your theme.

I’m usually a one word theme-ster. Chosen was Choice, for example LOL But there were variations on the word. Having no choice. Making the right and the wrong choice. I realised when I started writing Chosen, that having even a single word theme helped me with a stuck plot. When everything died, I went back to my theme and *bing* out popped the next part of the plot. Cool. I might have actually hit on something useful for me. For a change *grin*

I remember stressing over Past Lies and having no idea what the theme was. Then I had to think of a new title. Out popped the above. And guess what the theme of that book is?

I wish I had a direct line to my subconscious. It would make life so much easer…

I am here…

… and I will update my Roma adventure.
But first I have to get Chosen out the door, help with the Past Lies cover, which is coming along very nicely thank you, and rugby tackle edits for Past Lies too.

I thought I rubbed the copy clean when I sent it in, but there are ‘D’uh!’ mistakes that I simply didn’t/couldn’t see on the final sweep. I am sooo bad at seeing my own writing clearly, LOL