Vision Board 2010

I was inspired by a tweet – sorry, I’ve lost the link now, bad me – to create something visual to inspire me into next year.  I think I’ve strong armed some of my writer friends into doing it too, lol  Anyway, here’s my effort:

The end of Sven

The master 7

Sweat with Sven ends today and my official count when I signed in this morning was…

84 008.

I know I wouldn’t have written that much in a normal, unSven 3 month period so it definitely worked for me. I now know I can write abut 750-1000 come rain or shine (well crappy kidney did stop play for awhile 😉 ) and I’m addicted to watching that word count increase day by day. I have 2 excel spreadsheets dedicated to it.

They’ll start talk of a new Sven in February. I am so there!