Stuff, stuff, stuff

Back from a weekend away with The Ent’s family.  All of us were pretty knackered and just past out last night, lol

We pottered about Clitheroe and went to Blackpool on Sunday to see the Doctor Who Exhibition there.  Most of it was fairly ropey, old stuff and they one displayed a few items from series one, but the shop was good *grin*

I didn’t get much written over the weekend – 95 words – so Awakening has just crawled over 8k.  And that’s the amount I wrote for Sven for last week.  Last Wednesday when 200 words struggled out, I thought I’d end the week on 3k if I was lucky.  So I’m happy.

Still here…

I have a cold. A nasty, stinky head cold that won’t shift and gave me nightmares about drowning *blech*

Anyway, I have been writing. I was naughty and started my Nocturne Bite wip – Awakening. It’s at 1468 and I’ll probaby work on the plot today. And Lost Gods just hit 40 000 words as of a few minutes ago. So I finally get to post me another reward icon. Yay

Master Reward

And Michelle Hasker has to write up a storm to get her reward icon posted. Hint. Hint…