Stuff, stuff, stuff

Back from a weekend away with The Ent’s family.  All of us were pretty knackered and just past out last night, lol

We pottered about Clitheroe and went to Blackpool on Sunday to see the Doctor Who Exhibition there.  Most of it was fairly ropey, old stuff and they one displayed a few items from series one, but the shop was good *grin*

I didn’t get much written over the weekend – 95 words – so Awakening has just crawled over 8k.  And that’s the amount I wrote for Sven for last week.  Last Wednesday when 200 words struggled out, I thought I’d end the week on 3k if I was lucky.  So I’m happy.

Off to the big smoke

We have a christening to go to in London on Saturday… and since us going anywhere is like a military operation, I’m starting today.

The hobbits are wearing the clothes they had for the wedding in July, so I’ve washed them this morning. I had to hunt for Frodo’s tie and Samwise’s Doctor Who boots were hiding in an old shoe box, in a bag under the stairs. I had to wash the laces, LOL

So they should be dry later and I have to do the trying on to see if stuff still fits Frodo, as he’s sprouting like weed. Samwise needs his trousers taken up. He does not sprout. We also need new batteries for their essential sonic screwdrivers.

Now I have to think about putting away 5 baskets of washing.

In between this, I’m trying to write a 10-12k story… without a title as yet… while I’m stuck on Weaving Words.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Samwise in his classic pose. He’s the Doctor to Frodo’s Master *grin*

Samwise and his screwdriver