Thirty whole hours…

…without the internet.

Yes, I was going slightly mental.  I lost all concentration while trying to write.  I have ‘mental rests’ in between scribblings. I had no idea how vital they were, until I tried to write Friday and Saturday, lol

Anyway, The Ent got it sorted after much hassle with Ornage and it came back around 10pm last night.  We then both feverishly feed our addiction to all things webby for about 3 hours… *phew*

Now The Ent’s taken the Hobbits to Yellow Sub to run around for a couple of hours, giving me the chance to post about Past Lies on the Samhain blog.  I need peace and quiet and acres of time to navigate the intricacies of that blog! lol  But it’s done – hurrah – so now time for breakfast and getting back to Lost Gods.

I should have the first draft of that done today/tomorrow – then I have to go back and fill in all the plot points I discovered while writing it, lol