Satin Spar went to the next level

I got an email yesterday from Ellora’s Cave, saying that the partial had gone up to one of the acquiring editors.  YAY

It’s only a teeny-tiny baby step, but it’s not a straight rejection.  Now, I have my fingers crossed they ask for the full…

Must get my writing on Fracture done this morning as I have to take Frodo to Dramatots this afternoon.  He’s been saying he doesn’t want to go all week, until last night.  So we’ll see how he feels at 1.15.

Fun with Doctor Who

And this is where I went today.

Doctor Who @ the Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Samwise squealed the entire time, shook hands with a scarecrow and a cat and waved at an Ood. There was also a BBC Space Circus there, and we got a tonne of free swag. Very cool.

I’ll post some pics when I get them uploaded. *grin*