Samwise the brave

So I took Samwise to Alder Hey for his blood test.

It turns out his veins are as crappy as mine. The nurse taking the sample said we could wait the half hour or longer for magic cream to take effect, or just do it. So we just did it…and the needle stuck in his arm.

He started to whimper, but he didn’t cry. Finally she got it out, and took the blood from the back of his hand. He just said it hurt and was whimpering a little…but he was a lot better at this than me, because my usual problem with needles had kicked in and I was on my way to passing out *sigh*

Anyway, she got the sample and I had to stagger out to the front of the hospital and sit on a bench until the roaring, dizziness and black haze stopped. Samwise was saying he was braver than me, and he’s not wrong. He also said I should pretend not to be afraid of needles and then I wouldn’t get dizzy. This from a three year old, lol

As a reward for being brave, we went to the cafe and he got a big chocolate muffin. *grin*

2 thoughts on “Samwise the brave

  1. I’m with Samwise. I remember being given an immunization and the doctor had already done the rest of my year at school that day. He started explaining it wouldn’t hurt and I shouldn’t tense up and he kept on and on. I think I told him to stick the b****y needle in me befor I tensed up with rigour mortis…

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