Chosen One… it’s official

So I can reveal one of my recent sales… It’s called Chosen One working title Paladin and it’s been accepted for Ellora’s Cave’s ‘Creamy’ theme, out in August. Here’s the blurb:

Ceta Lars doesn’t want to be chosen.

It’s the dream of every candidate in the Schedir-prime temple…every candidate except her. Chained to the dark perfection of the sovereign’s paladin, the chosen one is taken aboard their master’s vast ship. Compounding her fear of the unknown is her attraction to the mysterious paladin. For years, her brief glimpses of him have tantalised her, stolen into her dreams, filled her thoughts. But he’s the one man she can’t have.

Now Ceta must stand with the other candidates, not knowing what the future holds as the paladin strides towards her.

She knows only one fact. None of the chosen return.

Another novella is away!

I did the absolute final read through of Paladin yesterday and sent it off as a ‘Creamy’ theme consideration 😀

Today, I have to plot Chance and try and get some writing done on it. Tomorrow is the autism course, Samwise’s nativity play and a night out with the fighting Uruk-hai (ie the reception mothers) – so bugger all in the way of writing tomorrow 😉

Paladin is finished. Yay

It’s ten thousand word longer than it should be and took up all of Nano instead of half of it…but now it’s finished. YAYAY. I need to grab a proper title, write a blurb and synopsis. That can wait a week or so. The deadline for the sub is 1 Jan 2009 (It’s an Ellora’s Cave Creamy theme sub 😀 ) so I have time to get it in later.

Now I have to focus on Chance. I plotted about 3/4s of the way through earlier in the week when Paladin eluded me, so I’m good to write for a few days before I start to scream and curse this wip too 😉

Almost a title

Forbidden has a new title.  I’m just waiting for approval before I release it to the world.  Hope I get it 😀

And I’ve polished Reiver to within a inch of its life (it was already very buff *grin*, but another quick shine doesn’t hurt) and the full just hit the ether.

I’m in a silly state of full-on *squeee* today… but now I have to settle down and take a certain Paladin in hand.  Yay

Epiphany moment

All right, I was (and still am) struggling with a sex scene in Paladin and could not work out why the scene was so s-l-o-w and difficult to write. I’d ploughed through the last scene in the story, and a wip before that, Demons, I’d piled up the sex scene count.

Now, it’s just hit me. It’s not a sex scene, it’s a making love scene.

Sex scenes are like action, fast, fun and a joy to write. The making love scene is complicated, slow and taxes my brain. The two characters have pushed past the lust and are heading for something more meaningful. Thinking back to other stories, this is the reason the sex was such a pita to write then too, lol

I’m not sure if this realisation helps me or not but at least I know now why I’m cursing my screen 😉

Personal Writing Challenge ~ update

It’s been a while since  I posted about this, though I have been updating the PWC page in the side column.

I’ve started Nano… and it seems to happen every time: something about knowing I have to get 1667 a day out come hell or high water, makes me write crap.  It just does.  I’m working on Paladin, a submission for the ‘creamy’ Ellora’s Cave theme, which has to be in for 1 Jan 2009.  I had to hack it apart last night, thicken the descriptions, the characters so that I could write the next part.  I know that’s illegal in the NaNoWriMo world, but if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t write much more on it, lol

So my Nano total so far (including days few words) is: 4384

My PWC total is 279 509. That’s 63 292 since I started about 7 weeks ago. Not bad 😀