Sold! Breaking Chance to Samhain

I sold Breaking Chance, a SF Romance, to Samhain. *bounce*
The contract is signed and made official 😀  Here’s the unofficial blurb. It has a release date set for Feb 2010

For Melissa ‘Lucky’ Chance, another stretch in Ganymede’s ice-prison would be a breeze. Too bad the judge deciding her fate has other ideas. He needs to make an example and she’s it. With a death sentence on her head, her only chance of escape lies with the man known as the Butcher.

John Ramius, infamous as the Butcher, is an Earth-augmented human. He’s also, under Jovian law, a convicted mass murderer and criminally insane. But is he really? Her government lies. She doesn’t know what to believe. Her doubt should mean she shouldn’t find him so attractive, but hell, her life is crazy. Since when could she resist a beautiful man? And he promises to be…wicked.

Even as they try to escape the forces of Jovian colonies, Ramius will let nothing stand in the way of his imperative, the need that drives him. He has to kill the Jovian leader, the Sun-King. He can’t find rest until he does.

Now Chance is wrapped up in old murders, old lies. And her growing need for Ramius may not be something she can survive.

Another wip done

Chance – with a tentative new title of Breaking Chance – is finished and done with.  I’ll have to wait to sub this as it’s part of a group effort *grin*

And now it’s onto plotting Ruthless Beauty – a dark faerie anthology sub for Liquid Silver Books.

Ooh and Unity won Best Futuristic Romance novella to match the win for its cover from the Fantasm Awards. Double whammy! Yay Alena, Vadim and Sacha *grin*

Talking to myself

At the minute, I have the luxury of the house to myself for about six hours during the week whilst the monsters are in school. As I potter about – yes, I am mobile without pain at the minute, yay – I talk over my latest wip to myself.

I realised as I sorted through my make-up bag this morning why I was having trouble with Ramius and Chance. So, I had a chat to myself about it. I don’t think I’m alone in doing this. Other writers do it. I hope…? *gulp*

Something about hearing, feeling the words makes the problem somehow more solvable. I realised why I wanted to head hop between the two characters. They were at a state of realisation. Both of them had to admit to themselves – but not each other, no way! lol – how they felt. They both needed to acknowledge this before I could move them into the final section of the story, where their feelings would get them into a whole heap of trouble! *grin*

So now I know what I have to layer in when I rewrite this couple of thousand words and what to take forward.

Sometimes it’s good to talk…to myself, hehe

Still writing… just

Chance is a story that does not want to be written.

I’ve plotted, I’ve printed it out, I’ve stuck it on my ereader to get a different feel for it… but it’s still only creeping up in the 100s of words. I can’t seem to make the break on it, the one that lets my fingers fly through it *sigh*

And with that moan out of the way, it’s back to the wip from hell 😉

Another novella is away!

I did the absolute final read through of Paladin yesterday and sent it off as a ‘Creamy’ theme consideration 😀

Today, I have to plot Chance and try and get some writing done on it. Tomorrow is the autism course, Samwise’s nativity play and a night out with the fighting Uruk-hai (ie the reception mothers) – so bugger all in the way of writing tomorrow 😉

Paladin is finished. Yay

It’s ten thousand word longer than it should be and took up all of Nano instead of half of it…but now it’s finished. YAYAY. I need to grab a proper title, write a blurb and synopsis. That can wait a week or so. The deadline for the sub is 1 Jan 2009 (It’s an Ellora’s Cave Creamy theme sub 😀 ) so I have time to get it in later.

Now I have to focus on Chance. I plotted about 3/4s of the way through earlier in the week when Paladin eluded me, so I’m good to write for a few days before I start to scream and curse this wip too 😉