I want my back to heal…

…because then I could be rid of nurses, lolol

I’m having reactions to everything they put on my back, getting mixed messages from them every day and now – over two weeks after I had surgery – the bloody wound-which-will-not-heal is infected and hurting like a bugger.

They’ve also told me I have to go to a treatment centre from now on – though I’m arguing that. Me bouncing around on a bus with this leaky hole in my back? No sooner had they dressed it then I’d get home on a bus and it would need dressing again. It’d be a vicious circle and I’d never be out of the place *sigh*

Just seriously pissed off today *sigh*

Back, part two

Crappy, crappy, crappy Orange.  No sooner were we back on line, than it was down again.  The Ent ranted for a week, somebody pulled their finger out somewhere, and now we’re back again. Yay.  We were both seriously in withdrawal, lol

On the kidney front, I have only one hole left and it’s being a bugger and refusing to heal.  Practically all the pain is gone, but I have to restrict movements as everything seems to keep this bloody thing open.

And writing… I can give the hint of another sale, this time to Ellora’s Cave: Exotika 😀  I still have to sort out the details, and write a blurb, so more soon.

Now, I’m off to surf, surf, write and surf…

Back, back and back

WordPress lost my post *grrr*

Our internet connection is back after being off when I was in hospital.

My back has three holes in it and I’m finally flushing out the last of the morphine *blech*. And I’m back home, yay. I feel better without the constant fear of infection and now I’ll have the chance to have a proper sleep. I was only in there from Monday night, but it feels like forever *sigh*

The district nurse will be round tomorrow to change my dressings, which is another relief.

Me + blood = passed out Kim

S-l-o-w connections

Our internet went down on Friday. It’s just after a Bank holiday here so it always buggers up *sigh* We think the engineers go in to make double or triple time and always mess up our connection…

So, I’m in the library, using IE *blech* and having the slowest connection ever.

I also have to go into hospital today – just waiting on a time – and my surgery is tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Personal Writing Challenge ~ Update

My respiratory tract infection didn’t – hasn’t gone away. So I’ve been feeling fairly crappy for a month. It’ll be a joy at some point to actually stop coughing. Because of this, my kidney surgery didn’t go ahead and I’ve asked if it can be scheduled after Christmas. It’s elective and the surgeon’s secretary seemed fine with that.

So to take my mind of continuously coughing, I’ve been writing. Mostly it’s been on Wolf-blood, which stands at 23k. I’ve also been slogging my way through the edits of Lost Gods. I love this story, but edits are hard. I have to think so much more than when I’m writing, lol, and my brain is mostly mush at the minute.

So my total since I started the Personal Writing Challenge is: 250 506. Which in three weeks is: 34 289. This probably has everything to do with the character of Fitz. He’s kept me occupied and distracted from coughing, lol for a fortnight now.

Personal Writing Challenge – Update

So…the first week of the PWC and I’ve managed to write – OMG – 10 890. Wow. I didn’t think it was quite that much, lol

I may get more written in October than I thought too, as my cough and cold has still not shifted. If I’m not fighting fit by next Tuesday, then my surgery won’t go ahead. And I have no clue how far into the future they’ll reschedule it *sigh*

I’m on a countdown

I had the joy of going to hospital again yesterday. 😀

We had to take the hobbits with us to the appointment and were severely tutted at my three generations of women in the waiting area. They had a genetic propensity for turning their noses up and their mouths down, so it probably wasn’t their fault that they had to complain 😉 And, well, Samwise is bloody annoying at the best of times.

The upshot is, my kidney surgery goes ahead on 30 September and I’ll be in hospital for about three or four days. Which will be fun. Then I’ll be a weakling for a good few weeks , vaguely waving a hand for cups of tea as I suffer on the couch watching oodles of Stargate Atlantis… hehe

Sven update

My kidney was twingy for most of the day, so it was good to concentrate on something other than it.  I got about 1500 words written yesterday.  Most of it is probably pants and will be ditched/changed, but I needed to write something, lol

With the achiness increasing it was handy I went to the GP on Monday and complained about the consultant appointment I’d been given.  June??   So, fingers crossed that’ll get bumped up.

Back to figuring out what the hell these two are going to do next.

I’ve been slack for a week…bad me

Everything’s sort of slid away this week.

Lost Gods has chugged to over 33.5k and is stalling a little. I think I need to step back and work out where the end is going.

I reinvented my website yesterday. It’s parred down iweb – wow, that software is bloated – and is about as streamlined as I can get it, lol Hopefully, it loads fast enough… To help that, I put my free reads on here to keep the load time down. I have a few more to add as well *grin* (and I’ve just had to re-paragraph all of them as WordPress had a bit of a freak. Finger crossed the paragraphs stay put now, lol)

And on Tuesday, I went to the GP and he denied that he could give me the CT results and said he couldn’t do a lot of other stuff and generally bemoaned his lot. My heart bled, lolol Anyway, what he could fathom, poor lamb, was that my right kidney has 6% function. It’s useless. So I have a sack of meat sitting in my side that has to come out at some point in the future. Soon would be nice, as I ache… 😉

Feeling *blech*

The GP phoned on Wednesday to say that there was nothing in my blood results, only evidence of reduced kidney function, which was a huge relief. Though the receptionist didn’t help when I first rang to check. She said the GP wanted more blood tests as something was wrong with the first set…and the doctor wanted to speak to me if I rang…

So a panicked 3 hours later the doctor rang back. And what the stupid receptionist had misunderstood was that the GP wanted more blood tests so that she could continue to monitor my condition. I was a mess for a while after I got off the phone, lol.

Today I had my CT scan.

Damn thing makes you so dizzy you feel sick. The blue dye makes you feel so hot you panic, as well as giving you a horrible taste and making you think you’ve pee’d your pants. The whole experience was made more joyous by the fact that my veins are crappy and I had to have the 2″ needle in my wrist.

Now I’m feeling sick and achy and my wrist hurts like a bugger. *sigh*