Back, part two

Crappy, crappy, crappy Orange.  No sooner were we back on line, than it was down again.  The Ent ranted for a week, somebody pulled their finger out somewhere, and now we’re back again. Yay.  We were both seriously in withdrawal, lol

On the kidney front, I have only one hole left and it’s being a bugger and refusing to heal.  Practically all the pain is gone, but I have to restrict movements as everything seems to keep this bloody thing open.

And writing… I can give the hint of another sale, this time to Ellora’s Cave: Exotika 😀  I still have to sort out the details, and write a blurb, so more soon.

Now, I’m off to surf, surf, write and surf…

S-l-o-w connections

Our internet went down on Friday. It’s just after a Bank holiday here so it always buggers up *sigh* We think the engineers go in to make double or triple time and always mess up our connection…

So, I’m in the library, using IE *blech* and having the slowest connection ever.

I also have to go into hospital today – just waiting on a time – and my surgery is tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

The joy of Orange continues

We had yet another outage for about 5 days and have only just got back on line *sigh*

The Ent sent of his 4 page complaint letter last night, lol.  And guess what’s happening this morning.  Yes, it’s Friday, therefore my ISP seems to be playing silly buggers again.  If I don’t post this weekend you’ll know where  I am…bashing my head against the brick wall that is Orange Tech Support. *grrr*