Six Sentence Sunday: Fitz

I’ve been playing with my werewolf this week. Fitz is completely incorrigible. I have to finish and sub him soon, he’s been sitting on my hard drive too long…

His head tilted to one side and his sharp gaze burned through her.  “Who would have the power to corrupt a Brain?  Because you are corrupted.”  A hint of wicked smile cut his mouth and a fresh flare of need surged in Raine’s belly.  “And not just by me.”

Personal Writing Challenge ~ Update

Wolf-blood is creeping over 28k now, with possible another 12k to go. Maybe more.  this could be another endless, endless wip like Fracture, lmao.  I do hope not though.

I’ve had a rest from it for a few days and started a short on space demons – with the exciting working title of Demons – which is clipping along at the moment.  This one will finish.  It’s probably a max word count of 15k.  I haven’t written anything that short in a while *grin*

So my total since I started the Personal Writing Challenge on 16 September is 260 890.  That works out as 44 673 in just over a month, which isn’t bad at all *grin*

Personal Writing Challenge ~ Update

My respiratory tract infection didn’t – hasn’t gone away. So I’ve been feeling fairly crappy for a month. It’ll be a joy at some point to actually stop coughing. Because of this, my kidney surgery didn’t go ahead and I’ve asked if it can be scheduled after Christmas. It’s elective and the surgeon’s secretary seemed fine with that.

So to take my mind of continuously coughing, I’ve been writing. Mostly it’s been on Wolf-blood, which stands at 23k. I’ve also been slogging my way through the edits of Lost Gods. I love this story, but edits are hard. I have to think so much more than when I’m writing, lol, and my brain is mostly mush at the minute.

So my total since I started the Personal Writing Challenge is: 250 506. Which in three weeks is: 34 289. This probably has everything to do with the character of Fitz. He’s kept me occupied and distracted from coughing, lol for a fortnight now.