I’m on a countdown

I had the joy of going to hospital again yesterday. 😀

We had to take the hobbits with us to the appointment and were severely tutted at my three generations of women in the waiting area. They had a genetic propensity for turning their noses up and their mouths down, so it probably wasn’t their fault that they had to complain 😉 And, well, Samwise is bloody annoying at the best of times.

The upshot is, my kidney surgery goes ahead on 30 September and I’ll be in hospital for about three or four days. Which will be fun. Then I’ll be a weakling for a good few weeks , vaguely waving a hand for cups of tea as I suffer on the couch watching oodles of Stargate Atlantis… hehe

3 thoughts on “I’m on a countdown

  1. Caffey

    Kidney stones Kim? You do plan that resting and reading and movie/TV watching while you rest. Its really the best way to heal even if you feel stronger! I love that there are so many neat genres! I go with my mood and what I’d like to read, a vamp, a regency, a dream lover, a SEALs, a cowboy, sigh… a menage 😀

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