Feeling *blech*

The GP phoned on Wednesday to say that there was nothing in my blood results, only evidence of reduced kidney function, which was a huge relief. Though the receptionist didn’t help when I first rang to check. She said the GP wanted more blood tests as something was wrong with the first set…and the doctor wanted to speak to me if I rang…

So a panicked 3 hours later the doctor rang back. And what the stupid receptionist had misunderstood was that the GP wanted more blood tests so that she could continue to monitor my condition. I was a mess for a while after I got off the phone, lol.

Today I had my CT scan.

Damn thing makes you so dizzy you feel sick. The blue dye makes you feel so hot you panic, as well as giving you a horrible taste and making you think you’ve pee’d your pants. The whole experience was made more joyous by the fact that my veins are crappy and I had to have the 2″ needle in my wrist.

Now I’m feeling sick and achy and my wrist hurts like a bugger. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Feeling *blech*

  1. Aww That sucks! I hope you get to feeling better soon! And stinky receptionist who made you worry!!!!!! Seriously sometimes they need to tread more carefully with the things they say.

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