I’ve been slack for a week…bad me

Everything’s sort of slid away this week.

Lost Gods has chugged to over 33.5k and is stalling a little. I think I need to step back and work out where the end is going.

I reinvented my website yesterday. It’s parred down iweb – wow, that software is bloated – and is about as streamlined as I can get it, lol Hopefully, it loads fast enough… To help that, I put my free reads on here to keep the load time down. I have a few more to add as well *grin* (and I’ve just had to re-paragraph all of them as WordPress had a bit of a freak. Finger crossed the paragraphs stay put now, lol)

And on Tuesday, I went to the GP and he denied that he could give me the CT results and said he couldn’t do a lot of other stuff and generally bemoaned his lot. My heart bled, lolol Anyway, what he could fathom, poor lamb, was that my right kidney has 6% function. It’s useless. So I have a sack of meat sitting in my side that has to come out at some point in the future. Soon would be nice, as I ache… 😉

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