Personal Writing Challenge – Update

So…the first week of the PWC and I’ve managed to write – OMG – 10 890. Wow. I didn’t think it was quite that much, lol

I may get more written in October than I thought too, as my cough and cold has still not shifted. If I’m not fighting fit by next Tuesday, then my surgery won’t go ahead. And I have no clue how far into the future they’ll reschedule it *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Personal Writing Challenge – Update

  1. Caffey

    Hi Kim! Thats super with writing way over your goal! Congrats! Now for me to work on my reading goal too. I did first part of reading a new to me author, so now I will be reading another book in a series I started (I want to catch up with them).

    Hope your cold is over now! I know I had the stomach flu a few days and took quite a while to get through it. I hope its not serious with your surgery. Will be thinking of you!!

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