Don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

Yep, more gamma radiation today. Didn’t do the full hulk mode, but I was ready to explode as they gave me a diuretic before I had to have the scan. I was absolutely desperate to go right in the middle of being zapped.

The first question the radiographer asked me:

“So, have you had a kidney removed?”

Not the most sensitive question to ask, though it was understandable as only one kidney had started to glow on the monitor. I have no idea yet whether they will save the kidney or I become One-Kidney Kim in the near future. I have to wait for the results and a clinic appointment, but I will phone the GP to chivvy them along a bit. *grin*

I am also a rather used and sore pin cushion. I’m surprised there’s any blood left running about in my body…though the third needle in the same vein almost had me passing out.

Me + Needles + Blood= Unconscious Kim.

Well, back to writing and trying to ignore Wow Wow Wubzy *ugh*

A glowing Christmas

Just got my letter for a renogram, which is basically pump me full of radioactive material and spin me around in a gamma camera chair.  They want to see how my kidney is working.  The date is next Wednesday.  It’s a bit of a surprise as I got a CT scan appointment last week for January.

I’ll be seriously glowing over the festive period 😉

Catching up

So… I’m back to writing Fracture, LOL I’ve given into the fact that it’s a much longer story that I planned, and because of that I can also give into the general explosion of plot bunnies this story has generated. I’m still not certain whether it’s a 50/60k novel or 3 novellas. But now I’m officially half way through. I’ll write it and see.

My kidney pain has subsided, for the most part. I’m still getting the odd twinge. My ability to stay awake has seriously deteriorated though! Taking the hobbits to school and pre-school has me exhausted. Now what used to be writing time has turned into sleeping time *sigh*

I also had a release this week. It’s part of a winter anthology from Freya’s Bower.

Winter Gift

A Winter’s Gift by Kim Rees
Siobhan Kerr has been dumped. Again. She has no clue why her love life is such a disaster. Mr Right is too often Mr Wrong. So she does what she always does when she screws up… she runs home.

Her friend Ethan Jacoby, is waiting. However, Ethan has his own agenda as he faces yet another of Siobhan’s collapsing relationships. And with the help of an ancient temple, he plans to prove to Siobhan that the right man is closer to her than she ever believed possible…

Buy it here

And go here for an excerpt.

One final thing I’ll be doing today…hunting for screen caps for Stargate Atlantis’ Miller’s Crossing. When I find them and post, you’ll see why… *smirk*

Kim and the Giant Kidney

And I thought I was just hung over.

Turns out I have a dilated kidney caused by a blockage.  So I’ve been in the hospital since early Monday morning.  The majority of the pain went away fairly soon after being admitted, so I escaped this afternoon, with meds (eventually *sigh*) and I have to go back as an out patient for tests.  These will determine whether my kidney can be repaired or whether it just has to go, lol

Not a good time for a release lol