Sale! BITTER HARVEST to Carina Press

I was minding my own business in one day when I was hustled by CM Torrens and Marguerite Labbe.  They forced a plot bunny on me…and Bitter Harvest — a m/m post apocalyptic romance — was born.  The story was way out of my comfort zone. I’d never written m/m before, but these two men, Rider and Sutton, refused to be anyone other than who they are.  They gave me a hell of a ride…lol

Carina Press has contracted Bitter Harvest and it should be out early 2012.  Here’s the unofficial blurb.

Lieutenant Robert Sutton has survived by luck, his wits and a chance mutation. The pheromones of the infected—how they first pull in their victims—has no effect on him.  Or so he thinks.  He’s survived on the emptied streets of London for years, but now the infected are closing in.  They will have the last humans for themselves.

For Sutton, and the people he cares for, time has run out.

So the capture of Nicholas Rider is too convenient.  A man who’s survived the nano-virus that’s almost destroyed the planet, a man whose striking sexuality wraps around Sutton.  He’s a trap.  He can’t be trusted.

Yet Sutton can’t resist him and it could mean the end of his world.

Sold Perfecting Naia to Ellora’s Cave!

It feels like forever since I actually finished a story, so this sale is doubly sweet!

I wanted to play with my love of mythology – I’ve been reading a lot of Greek and Roman reference books lately – but making it SF too.  What my imagination produced surprised even me, and I’m used to the interesting turns my brain can take, lol

Here’s the unoffical blurb:

Life for Naia Vincenza is about to change.  A mysterious alien, Dasyra, whisks her away with the promise of a life of pampered luxury.  For a price.

Naia must undertake the mysterious and carnal rite of the reinya.  She has to prove that she should be chosen, that she is worthy of the role.  And to do that she must enter the maze and find the creature at its heart.  But nothing is ever simple and the price Naia must pay pushes her mind and her body to the very edge of pleasure…and beyond.

Excerpt Monday: Gambit

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Carina Press have bought GAMBIT *bounce*  To celebrate here’s a sneak peek at an unedited excerpt 😀

Living gold.  It’s a girl’s best friend…

Captain Haf Beyon has a craving for flesh.  Beautiful male flesh-pets grown in a vat, brought to life with alien tech and designed for one purpose: her pleasure.  She works as a runner, ferrying cargo for whoever stumps up the credit.  She also has no qualms about fleecing the unsuspecting rich who slum it on the streets of Ulan Bator.  It all feeds her addiction.

So it’s just another normal day on Arkhengai when one of her contacts points her in the direction of a man and his flesh-pet.  Another mark for her to hustle.  However, neither man is who he appears to be.  She’s kidnapped and offered a deal.  Three crates of black crystal to act as a decoy.  Her mercenary heart can’t resist the thought of such wealth.  What she doesn’t realise is how dangerous the mission will be.  From the outset, hired killers target her and she has only her newly unwrapped flesh-pet—the near-naked Daned Traern—as her protection.

Haf is dragged into a world of insane princes, mercenaries, hidebound tradition and sentient stones.  A world her mother had done everything in her power to protect her from.  A world made so much more dangerous by the man at her side.


Unedited (c) 2010 Kim Knox


His voice, low and too close made her bite her bottom lip.  What was wrong with her?  Shit, had it been that long since she’d had a man not grown in a vat?  “I definitely couldn’t afford you.”

“And that’s a part of the decoy.  People will wonder where you got me?”

Haf willed her eyes to open and fixed her gaze on his collarbone.  Her hand dipped lower, skirting over his hip.  She’d wanted this, time alone and him buck naked, but hell, she was nervous.  Living gold bound deep, brought unimaginable bliss.  She swallowed and skimmed gold over his abdomen.

Daned’s chest hitched and he sucked in a quick breath.  “Captain…”

The title was almost a growl.  Her head snapped up and she held his fierce, dark gaze.  Her blood pounded in her ears and she ached to close the space between them, press herself up against his body and find out whether the rumours of bound gold were true.

“We’re living an illusion,” he murmured.  His head tilted.  “Remember this is just a job.”

“You’re bound to me.”  Need and nerves fired through her and she forced the tremor from her hand to guide the gold over the length of his erection.  A muscle jumped in his jaw.  He could say it was a job, but the tech woven into the gold had other plans for him.  “Living gold insists that your pleasure is my pleasure.”

A smile tugged at his mouth.  “Igasho metal can’t compare to the Ladaian coding in my blood.”

“Is that a dare?” she asked.  His smile curved into a wicked grin, one that had her moving closer, his bare skin so near the need to taste it burned on her tongue.  “Because you shouldn’t throw a dare in the face of a runner.”

Daned traced his index finger along her jaw, a feather light touch that forced the air from her lungs.  “Believe me, you’d know if a Traern found you of interest.”

“And this?”  She teased the blunt head of his cock with the thumb tip.  Gold flowed over him.  “What’s this if not interest?”

His gaze narrowed on her.  “A biological reaction.  My duty to the sunder-seld comes first.”

Haf smirked at him.  “Before you do?  That has to be inconvenient.”

“Finish this.”  His mouth pulled upwards into a bleak smile, but it didn’t soften his order.  “Please.”

“You’re no fun, Daned.”

“I know.”

Haf eased her hand away from his cock and pressed the gold over his other hip.  She ducked under his arm to stroke the warm gold across his buttocks and up over the lean strength of his back.  Haf closed her eyes against the feel of him under her palm, warm, satin-smooth, his skin taunting her, demanding that she trail hot, open-mouth kisses up his spine.  She held back a groan.  Damn it, this was not fair.

The length of gold met the first thread clinging to his shoulder.  Her palm held it there, its molten heat stinging her skin.  Daned didn’t flinch, even as Haf knew that the heat tore through the living gold to seal it to his flesh.

The gold cooled under her hand.  It was over.  Well, almost.  And the almost had her heart beating hard.  She wanted to sag against him, let her forehead fall against his shoulder, needing the reality of him to sink into her flesh, her soul.  Shit, she would come to hate living gold.  The upside was that when it was time to break the bond, her interest would die too.  Her gaze raked his back, enjoying the smooth play of muscles under cider brown skin far too much.  Yeah.  Right.  All interest would just…evaporate.  Not a chance.

Haf willed herself to take a step back.  “Done,” she said.

Daned turned to face her.  Wry humour shone in his eyes and, hell, he had to know how attractive it made him.  “Not quite.  The Igasho have their incantation, the activating phrase.”  He closed the space between them and his voice dropped, softened.  “I believe it’s ‘make me yours’.”

The words spiralled through her blood and beat heat into her face. Bastard.  Was he having fun at her expensive?  Haf lifted her chin and held his dark gaze.  “Living gold needs more to activate it.”

“Yes, I know.”  His finger traced a path along her jaw, the same lightness of touch that flicked fire under her skin.  “Is this enough?”

His mouth hovered over hers, his breath brushing warm over her lips.  Her heart beat loud in her ears and her fingers slid over the hard muscles in his forearms, gripping him, needing the contact to break her desire to take his mouth.  His skin burned under her palms.  “I don’t know.”  Her gaze focused on his lips.  They had to seal the bond with a kiss…and they both knew it.  “Is my pleasure your pleasure yet?”

His mouth quirked upwards.  “No.”

“How about now?”  The first slow brush of her lips over his hollowed her belly and sparked desire in her flesh.  He tasted warm, soft and the hint of strange spices urged her to change the kiss, to tease and play and the first chaste kiss melted into another and another.

Her tongue tip touched his and her fingers bit hard into the firm muscles in his forearms.  Damn it, since when did a simple kiss practically have her shaking? It was the gold.  The bloody stuff twisted her thoughts, her reactions, but didn’t stop her from deepening the contact, of stroking her tongue over his, savouring him.  She thought she moaned, a low, needy sound that seemed to fill her chest.  Somehow, it brought Daned closer, his soft, subtle mouth making her heart pound and curse the fact that too much clothing separated her from him.

Her fingers pushed up his arms, pressing herself against the hardness of his body.  “This is not enough.”  She groaned the words against his lips and drove him back into the edge of the table.  “Not nearly enough.”

For a timeless second she held his gaze, found heat and an unending darkness, just before his mouth and hands found her.  Her world span and her backside hit the table.  Daned was ruthless, demanding, everything she wanted, needed.  Haf clung to him, her fingers digging into the hard muscle of his arms.  The living gold seared through the thick fabric of her tunic, branding her skin, binding her to this man.  Heat coiled low in her belly.  The rub of his erection against her flesh danced sparks behind her eyes.  Almost.  She could almost taste the fire of her release—

Daned ripped his mouth from hers and stepped back.  He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and his eyes narrowed on her.  “More than enough,” he muttered.


Thanks for reading!

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Sale! Gambit to Carina Press

Sometimes sitting and watching films can twist your thoughts.  Especially when you’ve seen it so many times you can almost quote the dialogue.

I was sitting watching Return of the Jedi for the 9 millionth time at the request of my two boys.  They of course lasted about three seconds past the opening credits before they ran off to do something else.  I carried on watching, waiting for Han Solo… *cough*

I was half paying attention when Leia turned up in her spangly gold bikini…and my mind did a twist.  What if Han had to wear that?  What if he was Jabba’s pet instead of Leia?  I liked the wicked thought, wrote it down and left my brain to mull it over.

That was the ‘what if’ that started my idea for my SFR novel, Gambit.  Daned Trearn is not Han and he’s not Leia – no doughnut style hair for him, thankyou! – but he does wear living gold very, very well…

I’m very happy that Carina Press have decided to buy this story.  Some characters and stories are closer to your heart than others and this is one of mine 🙂

You can read the unofficial blurb at my  website here.  And tomorrow as a part of Excerpt Monday, I’ll post an unedited excerpt from Gambit. 🙂

A sale to Ellora’s Cave! Painted Promise

EC contracted Painted Promise, an SF erotic romance.  It was the first sub to a new editor, so I was knuckle-gnawing at this one, lol  Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Thirza Girard is a clone.  Her mirror image founded a thousand year dynasty that spans the quadrant.  The Girard family power is no accident.  The original Thirza did a deal with an alien, a Tashen-Dar, who could manipulate probability.  He changed reality so that Thirza and her descendants are favoured with opportunity, the chance, if they grab it, of achieving great wealth and power. However, it comes at a cost.

Paint – an organic technology – binds the alien, Zaid, in the bowels of the planet. Paint has captured him as an image for a thousand years.  The time of binding is almost at an end and Thirza Girard’s clone must pay the price for the power her family has enjoyed.  She must rebind him, capture him again in paint, or pay another, more carnal price.

Sale! Emergence to Samhain Publishing *bounce*

Samhain bought my futuristic dragon/gryphon shifter novella *bounce*

Here’s an unofficial blurb *grin*  It has a tentative date of June 2010

Jaime has one night left before life, as she knows it, is over.

The forbidden offspring of a human and a mythoi, she’s lived her life with her human father.  Until now. Come morning, the First Dragon, leader and ruler of the mythoi will own her.  Her life will be completely under his control – what she wears, what she eats, when she sleeps.  And with whom.

She’s determined to spend her last night in the comfort of a stranger’s arms. A final fling.  However her stranger, Kaden Rhodes, is not who he appears to be and the connection growing between them is hot, fast and completely irresistible. They’re playing with their lives because if the First Dragon finds out about them…they’re dead.