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November Eve. The Hunt Ball. And to prove her right to rule, Tate must capture a mate. It should’ve been simple. Snag a vampire barely turned and have him kneel and swear devotion to her. But Fate has other plans…and one of them involves the powerful son of the ruling Queen.

Jager, a vampire she’s hungered after for years, allows himself to become her prey. But with his promise of sinful, wicked pleasure comes a catch. Jager only wants her as his slave. Nothing more.

Tate has no plans to bow down to him…until Jager shares a shocking truth with her. Suddenly Fate is playing hardball.

Excerpt: Consort
(c) 2009 Kim Knox

Jager stalked me, catching up with my fast pace. His boots echoed over the old, damp stone. “Don’t worry, Tate, you’ll be escravo. My escravo.”

My laughter rang around the stone walls. “I’m on the scent of three fresh, young tanao. I’m sure they’d be eager to please and welcome the prestige of being a queen’s consort.”

“This is all hot air.” Jager’s soft, deep voice flowed through the silence of the stone corridor. “You’re hunting me, Tate. No boy with the grave-soil still clinging to his skin would satisfy you.”

“I’m hunting you?” I glanced back. The hot glare of a spotlight washing white light over his features, created a stark, shadowed mask of his face. “Do people usually hunt by walking away from their prey…at high speed?” I smirked at him. “You, I have no interest in. Too old, too hidebound,” my smirk grew, “too used to being your mother’s lapdog.”

He growled, the white gleam of his fangs making my gut tight. No one had the right to be that beautiful, and the primitive part of me, my beast, demanded I stop right there and jump him.


I stopped and turned. The fury rolled off him, a thick wave of anger that surged through me. I willed control and kept the sharp grin on my face. “Aren’t you?” His dark eyes gleamed with fire and a hint of his primitive self watched me. I felt it. The heat of the beast at his heart, glorious, ancient. My own beast ached to growl, to sink sharp fangs into his heart and make Jager ours.

I soothed it with promises. Brute force wouldn’t win a man like Jager. He had to be played, as he planned to play me. The rewards if we won almost had the beast purring. But the danger if we lost terrified me.
Tilting my head, I softened my smile and saw the mistrust flitter across his features. “Now, run along, Jager. I’m sure there must be something in ancient lore about hounding a reiver like this.”

“You touched me.” The distance between us vanished and his body heat swept over me. He took my hand and pressed my right index finger to his lips, the contact running a shock under my skin. His mouth curved into a smile and satisfaction swept off him. “Feel that connection? You marked me, Tate.”

I traced the edge of my thumbnail under his lip. My heart thudded as my mind raced. Already, Jager had backed me against the cool stone of the corridor wall. His height blocked one of the spotlights, throwing his face into heavy shadow. His heat and scent wrapped around me and I tried to ignore the sudden rush of need that had my nipples hard and aching. “Hardly a mark,” I said, very aware of how close his mouth was to mine. I wet my lips and the soft liquid growl escaping him pulsed need low in my belly. His erection pressed hard against my abdomen. “More of a smudge. You’re grabbing at any excuse, aren’t you?”

“Bluff all you want, Tate.”

Heavy hands slid over my hips to pull slowly, inch by inch, the silk of my gown up over my buttocks. The constant brush of light fingers against my ass, the rush of cool silk against my skin and Jager, holding my gaze with a promise of such wickedness… My heart thudded and the ache intensified. I wanted him. And he knew it.

“Let me have you.” The soft words brushed against my lips and my body melted under him. Clever fingers caressed my skin, sketching lazy patterns, edging over each cheek. They slid further, slipping and playing with the damp curls between my thighs. Slow strokes and the tip of his finger pressed, pushed… I gasped as he sank into my tight, hot flesh. His finger stilled. “Let me in and I promise, I promise you such pleasure. An eternity of pleasure.”

He pressed little kisses over my jaw, edging down over my neck to the pulsing artery just below my ear. Fangs pushed against my skin, hard, sharp, pinpoints of assured ecstasy. So simple just to give in. My power as a queen, the heavy burden of it, I could let it all devolve to him and have no fears ever again.

Thoughts of Jager blanketed me, the surge of him in my mind, my flesh, all consuming. Two natural-born vampires… The sex would be incredible. I tugged at his belt, buttons, my fingers finding the solid heat of his cock. Jager’s head jerked up. He bit and laved his healing tongue over my throat, jaw, lips, my mind dizzy from the burning points of bliss. He stared at me, the beast in his eyes flared, and I circled my thumb over the sensitive head of his cock.

His arms tightened, trapping me against his body. “Say you want me, Tate.”

It would be so easy to fall under his spell, and it was a spell. A heady magic that had trapped seven women down through the centuries. Seven. My beast railed against that. Share my conquest with other women? I didn’t share. I was a queen.

My gripping fingers slid down and then up and Jager started to pump into my hand. He growled, the soft, skin-tingling sound brushing warm over my lips. Jager buried his face in my neck, fangs almost, almost breaking the skin. His fingers stretched and pushed, eased deeper into my flesh. In and out, mirroring the slide of my palm over his cock. I crushed my eyes shut against the tight knot of desire in my belly, the hollow ache of my flesh, the need I had to shift my hips and sink onto Jager’s thick cock and ride him ’til I screamed. My beast growled, the escaping sound pushing Jager’s fingers deeper, his thigh shoving up hard against my pubic bone.

I could ride him and find complete bliss—just like all the others.

The beast within wrapped around my conscious thoughts. We hunted for ourselves, not to share Jager with weak-willed women. The growl I released then stilled him, a snarl of possession, of power. “Kneel.”


I pulled my hand away from his cock and wiped my palm and fingers on the tail of his shirt. Pushing out, I loosened his arms and his fingers slid from my wet flesh. I stepped away from him, and eased my silk gown back over my exposed skin. My beast sat low in my soul, feeling nothing but pity for Jager, and I let that feeling show as I glanced over his disheveled clothes. He tucked his damp shirt back into his trousers and resettled the smooth material of his jacket over his shoulders.

I lifted my chin. “I release you from the mark.”

“You can’t do that, Tate.”

“I can do anything I bloody well like, I’m a queen.” And I turned from him. The air still burned with the scent of desire, need, and drawing it into my lungs, I wanted nothing more than to fuck Jager. But my beast and I were in agreement. Jager could fuck himself before he fucked us.

“You will kneel before me.” His voice echoed over the stone walls, raw, hard and the ache to taste his power burned through me. I resisted. “This isn’t over. Before dawn, I will have you.”

Ellora’s Cave

Jasmine Jade

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