Sale! Ruthless Beauty

I think I had the fastest acceptance for a story ever on Saturday.  I set it at 8pm and got a reply back by 8am  *grin*  Suz works fast!! lol

So Ellora’s Cave will publish Ruthless Beauty, which is a dark mix of fae and forced seduction.  I’ll tackle the blurb soon, but there’s a link to a little sneak peek in the last post…

3 thoughts on “Sale! Ruthless Beauty

  1. Thanks, Kate and Dawn.
    Ruthless was fun to write – especially writing ‘The End’…
    Dawn, sorry about the moans in the early days of this story, hehe. But then I vent about most stories, don’t I? Evil characters not doing as their told *grrr* 😉

    And yep, I really enjoyed Hostile Takeover, Kate 🙂

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