Racing to a deadline

Sorry for the lack of posts…but I’m racing to a deadline to get my shifter story finished. Argh

Good news is that I sold Dark Host to Liquid Silver Books 😀

Here’s the blurb:

Feline Mosaic, Charis Sur, thought her mission aboard the INS Pagidion would be quick, easy: watch her target and keep him alive until Betelgeuse went nova.


Well, until one of the passengers drops dead in front of her.

Her life depends on a successful mission and she has to protect her target from whatever killed this man. And that throws her into the path of Jason Narak. The one man she never wants to see again. The man who burned her six months before. Even as her past with Jason hurls her mission, her life into disarray, Charis finds that darkness is waiting for them aboard the INS Pagidion.

It wants a host. And its choice is growing…

And I have to run again!