Sale! Gambit to Carina Press

Sometimes sitting and watching films can twist your thoughts.  Especially when you’ve seen it so many times you can almost quote the dialogue.

I was sitting watching Return of the Jedi for the 9 millionth time at the request of my two boys.  They of course lasted about three seconds past the opening credits before they ran off to do something else.  I carried on watching, waiting for Han Solo… *cough*

I was half paying attention when Leia turned up in her spangly gold bikini…and my mind did a twist.  What if Han had to wear that?  What if he was Jabba’s pet instead of Leia?  I liked the wicked thought, wrote it down and left my brain to mull it over.

That was the ‘what if’ that started my idea for my SFR novel, Gambit.  Daned Trearn is not Han and he’s not Leia – no doughnut style hair for him, thankyou! – but he does wear living gold very, very well…

I’m very happy that Carina Press have decided to buy this story.  Some characters and stories are closer to your heart than others and this is one of mine 🙂

You can read the unofficial blurb at my  website here.  And tomorrow as a part of Excerpt Monday, I’ll post an unedited excerpt from Gambit. 🙂

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