Chosen One… it’s official

So I can reveal one of my recent sales… It’s called Chosen One working title Paladin and it’s been accepted for Ellora’s Cave’s ‘Creamy’ theme, out in August. Here’s the blurb:

Ceta Lars doesn’t want to be chosen.

It’s the dream of every candidate in the Schedir-prime temple…every candidate except her. Chained to the dark perfection of the sovereign’s paladin, the chosen one is taken aboard their master’s vast ship. Compounding her fear of the unknown is her attraction to the mysterious paladin. For years, her brief glimpses of him have tantalised her, stolen into her dreams, filled her thoughts. But he’s the one man she can’t have.

Now Ceta must stand with the other candidates, not knowing what the future holds as the paladin strides towards her.

She knows only one fact. None of the chosen return.

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