Another story hits the ether…

I’ve subbed my first menage…I know, innocent eyes look away from that word…so I get a reward *snerk*

Shep reward icon


My subconscious at play…

So, I’m looking at Fracture and in a complete coincidence Sky One has started showing Stargate Atlantis again. What’s this got to do with anything, you cry?

Well, something about John Sheppard inspires the hero of Fracture and my subconscious is telling me to watch it. Honest, I have no say in it. At all… *smirk*

Anyway, as The Master slinks away to the background (no burning pyre for him, thank you very much) I get to play with Shep Icons again.

motshep icon

The end of Sven

The master 7

Sweat with Sven ends today and my official count when I signed in this morning was…

84 008.

I know I wouldn’t have written that much in a normal, unSven 3 month period so it definitely worked for me. I now know I can write abut 750-1000 come rain or shine (well crappy kidney did stop play for awhile 😉 ) and I’m addicted to watching that word count increase day by day. I have 2 excel spreadsheets dedicated to it.

They’ll start talk of a new Sven in February. I am so there!

One more day to go…

Samwise was in nursery this morning and Frodo is back tomorrow. Yay. Hopefully I can get back to the writing schedule that saw me through November. I’ve been trying to write about 1000 words a day… and I’ve managed that so far since Thursday – though Saturday didn’t really happen as we were in Nottingham.

So while the hobbits fight over Thunderbird 2 (they can fight over anything *sigh*) I get to update my blog. Lost Gods hit the 10 000 word mark this morning. I still have more to write as it’s only about 500 words of my total, but I need the incentive. So, I ‘ve given myself a reward.

The Master is not quite so loose with his favours as the Colonel… 😉


Trying to get back on the writing wagon

December was mostly a wash out. I probably got about 10000 words during the whole month.

So I made my resolution today to try to get back into my Sven routine. Fracture – which I’m going to read through right now – is a bit of a nightmare. I’ve got to about 16k on Chosen. But at the minute I’ve been inspired to tackle Lost Gods again.

I just hit 5104 words on that… So, I’m reinstigating my reward system *grin* The Colonel will be sharing the system with someone else in 2008… The Master.

Master Reward 1

Odd inspiration


So this is ‘The Suit” that jumped out at me while watching SGA Miller’s Crossing on Tuesday. I had a bugger of a time finding an image. In the end, I found some here .

It happened at the exact time that I was getting back into Fracture and everything in that episode resonated with my hero. This includes how Sheppard resolves the problem at the end. Not spoiling anything, but say hello to the darkside, John Sheppard. Joe Flanigan has apparently labelled his character a ‘pretty, pretty psycho princess’. My hero from Fracture? Yep, he’s going with the first three on that one, lol