Tired out

Got back late from The Ent’s parents’ Silver Wedding Anniversary meal (no, The Ent is not a toy boy…would I get that lucky? 😉 ) and we’ve spent the day generally vegging.

I dragged out 750 words on Fracture when all that I wanted to do was watch the Top 40 Spice Girl songs.  Yes, that’s how much I didn‘t want to write.  Absolutely anything was preferable.  But they’re done and the story is heading for the 20k mark, which means I must get a reward ready, *grin*

Now I have to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures.  Just to keep the hobbits company of course…

2 thoughts on “Tired out

  1. Thanks, Shiloh. I remembered the last time I really struggled to get the words down – even the scant 750 – and that feeling of achievement afterwards when I’d done it. Made me struggle on.

    And the top 40 Spice Girls included *every* song *any* of them had ever released. Luckily, I came into the programme fairly late on and missed all of Posh Spice’s oeuvre… 😉

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