Sven is back…

…and am I ready?  Probably not.

I have a list of six wips that I’d like to make a dent in, though I haven’t got the final 3k from Lost Gods that I wanted to get this week.  It’s tougher to plug in the extra wordage than I thought… 😉

I got 850 (Sven 3’s minimum this time around) written by midnight on it though, so it stands at 47002.  It was a bit of relief as we had a plasterer for 5.5 hours fixing the bodgy mess the engineer had made installing the french windows.  Then we had to go shopping, sort the hobbits out, eat, shout at CSI:NY a lot and try to write over The Ent’s snores.

So today’s plan is to make a bit more of a dent in Lost Gods and plan out what I have to write for the contemporary I want to finish, Golden Cupid.  And that’s the working title, honest, hehe

To help me, I think I need a little…prodding…

Master Mot 4

Release date for Weaving Words

…which is 2 September 2008 *grin*

Sent my blurbage in and I’m waiting for the art form. I have a pic that I’d love to have as a cover…but we’ll wait and see…

I’m off out tonight–yes I know, again–so I made the splash and got my hair cut today. It’s all nice and swishy, which will last until I have to dry it and then my bizarre hair will kick back in. *sigh*

Now I’m heading back to Lost Gods. The first draft is finished.  I have to go back and get it to tie together and make sense, lol

Still here…

I have a cold. A nasty, stinky head cold that won’t shift and gave me nightmares about drowning *blech*

Anyway, I have been writing. I was naughty and started my Nocturne Bite wip – Awakening. It’s at 1468 and I’ll probaby work on the plot today. And Lost Gods just hit 40 000 words as of a few minutes ago. So I finally get to post me another reward icon. Yay

Master Reward

And Michelle Hasker has to write up a storm to get her reward icon posted. Hint. Hint…

I’ve been slack for a week…bad me

Everything’s sort of slid away this week.

Lost Gods has chugged to over 33.5k and is stalling a little. I think I need to step back and work out where the end is going.

I reinvented my website yesterday. It’s parred down iweb – wow, that software is bloated – and is about as streamlined as I can get it, lol Hopefully, it loads fast enough… To help that, I put my free reads on here to keep the load time down. I have a few more to add as well *grin* (and I’ve just had to re-paragraph all of them as WordPress had a bit of a freak. Finger crossed the paragraphs stay put now, lol)

And on Tuesday, I went to the GP and he denied that he could give me the CT results and said he couldn’t do a lot of other stuff and generally bemoaned his lot. My heart bled, lolol Anyway, what he could fathom, poor lamb, was that my right kidney has 6% function. It’s useless. So I have a sack of meat sitting in my side that has to come out at some point in the future. Soon would be nice, as I ache… 😉

One more day to go…

Samwise was in nursery this morning and Frodo is back tomorrow. Yay. Hopefully I can get back to the writing schedule that saw me through November. I’ve been trying to write about 1000 words a day… and I’ve managed that so far since Thursday – though Saturday didn’t really happen as we were in Nottingham.

So while the hobbits fight over Thunderbird 2 (they can fight over anything *sigh*) I get to update my blog. Lost Gods hit the 10 000 word mark this morning. I still have more to write as it’s only about 500 words of my total, but I need the incentive. So, I ‘ve given myself a reward.

The Master is not quite so loose with his favours as the Colonel… 😉