Building a story: Theme

I blogged here yesterday about my trials of starting a new project.

And today, I learned something else about successful story building… well for me any way.

Find your theme.

I’m usually a one word theme-ster. Chosen was Choice, for example LOL But there were variations on the word. Having no choice. Making the right and the wrong choice. I realised when I started writing Chosen, that having even a single word theme helped me with a stuck plot. When everything died, I went back to my theme and *bing* out popped the next part of the plot. Cool. I might have actually hit on something useful for me. For a change *grin*

I remember stressing over Past Lies and having no idea what the theme was. Then I had to think of a new title. Out popped the above. And guess what the theme of that book is?

I wish I had a direct line to my subconscious. It would make life so much easer…