I am here…

… and I will update my Roma adventure.
But first I have to get Chosen out the door, help with the Past Lies cover, which is coming along very nicely thank you, and rugby tackle edits for Past Lies too.

I thought I rubbed the copy clean when I sent it in, but there are ‘D’uh!’ mistakes that I simply didn’t/couldn’t see on the final sweep. I am sooo bad at seeing my own writing clearly, LOL

2 thoughts on “I am here…

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    And how bad I’m I? I didn’t even see the misspelling, LOL

    I saw Revenant on the Coming Soon pages *grin* It’s not long at all, now.

  2. Olivia Lorenz

    Yes, I’m waiting eagerly to here the rest of your Rome trip!

    So you’ve finished your dragon story? Fantastic 😀

    And hooray for edits LOL. Still waiting on my second set for Revenant, I guess it’ll be sometime in March since they moved the date back and there’s more breathing space.

    Actually I found that the more perfect you try to make a piece, the more likely it is that editors will pick up on something really peripheral (like use of ‘that’ or semi-colons LOL) that makes the mind boggle a bit, so I say leave in something a bit dodgy to give them some work to do LOL

    Anyway, I don’t think any writer can really be a honest judge of their own work. Even if you have a beta reader they don’t always catch everything, and as you know, different publishers have wildly different needs… Like that ‘no smiling’ rule you came across, that still makes me go ‘eh???’!!

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