Trapped and ranty

My edits for Nimue’s Price popped into the inbox this morning, so I’ve been sorting those. They and the TT were a needed distraction.

Frodo had an assessment in March. Saturday gone finally we got the report from the paediatrcian.
To say that we were extremely angry with what he has written is an understatement. Both the educationical psychologist and the speech therapist stressed how he should word the report to get the proper help for Frodo. He apparently chose to ignore this. I can’t even write about what he put, it gets me so riled, LOL

So this week we’ve trying to address this mess. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Trapped and ranty

  1. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Thanks, Danielle. I’m glad your son finally got the help he needs.

    Sometimes it really feels that you’re a parent banging your head against a *very* hard brick wall, LOL Hopefully Frodo will get into the language unit in September.

  2. Danielle

    My middle son (3) had to go through so many assessments before being accepted into special education for his speech delay. It can be a really uphill battle. I hope that he can get the help he deserves.

    Good luck and warmest wishes.

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