Just realised something…

…I’m not doing much else at the minute but writing, LOL  My total since 15 October is 24,292.

It’s a nice distraction as my blood pressure would have sky-rocketed this week. We learned that Frodo’s  SENISS (the mainstream school inclusion service) person, rather than turning up in his school for ten minutes to assess him, was there as his support teacher.  WTF? And that she’ll turn up for a whole whopping 30 minutes every Tuesday to support him in the mainstream setting.

30 minutes.


This for a boy who is 6 and has the language level and possibly understanding (we just don’t know) of a 3 year old.  The same boy who was denied a place in a special school because he didn’t have the ability to learn.

We have the horrible feeling that they’re playing politics with Frodo.