Moodswinging psychopaths

I read this phrase somewhere in the last few weeks (don’t ask me where, I wish I could attribute it, but zombie children ate my brain). It prefaced a description about how some romance characters are drawn. And I thought…I’ve not really read any. I though this until last night. *sigh*

Now, I’m about half way through the book, so it could be that there’s a reason why the heroine exploded in the hero’s face over an obvious misunderstanding. The main reason at the moment seems to be create a bit of conflict before the next part of the plot kicks in. But then the heroine might be a bit crazy anyway.

I know I would be, if I was in trouble and running away with a man who took me to his ex as a safe hideout. It’s not that bit, I’d be worried about. Ex-wife – cue insecurity and jealousy. The ex is of course, gorgeous, still has the hots for the hero and, naturally, is a bitch. Now cue, lack of sympathy from the reader. No, the bit I’d be concerned about–the heroine wants to form a relationship with the hero, after all–is the way he cuddles, drools and generally fawns all over the heroine…in front of his ex-wife. And this upsets the ex-wife. He doesn’t seem concerned…and our mood swinging psychopath heroine? She’s exultant that he’s cuddling, drooling etc. with no concern for the ex-wife either. *sigh*

Here endeth the rant.  Back to reading, lol

Another bad blog month

Where did the month go… and what the hell was I doing? LOL

Mostly, I’ve been trying to write a dragon story. It’s a ‘carving it in stone with a wet noodle’ sort of effort. Not fun at the minute.

Oh as The Ent reported on his blog, Frodo is learning to read. I can’t tell you how very important this is, LOL. He seems to have broken through the ‘this is too hard’ barrier and is enjoying the very simple books his school supplies to read at home. We’ve found him on his bed, reading them to himself! *grin*

He has an assessment in March. To go to a language unit, we have to prove that there is a large gap between his abilities and his language development. Learning to read has to prove that gap is huge.