ROW80: Wednesday

Bitter Harvest is chugging along.  I’m at 7.5k and still enjoying the omg-ness that is one of the heroes.

I found a new way of writing, which seems to be working for me – on this wip at least.  I’m outlining in a lot of detail, in Word Notebook and not worrying about the description, setting. I write: ‘they walked outside’ for instance and worry about the proper research later.  So it ends up about at about 600 words.  When I can’t stand it anymore, I write it up properly, doing the research and making it as clean a copy as I can.  Though the research is slow. Seriously what possessed me to set my story in the Tower of London?

I’ve stood outside – we went to London in August – and watched jousting there, but the expense of going in was prohibitive, plus with small moany boys in toe, I wouldn’t have taken much in.  I’m regretting that decision now! lol

Magnetism continues to chug.  Hopefully I’ll get it finished by the weekend. I have sex to add <–story of my writing life 😀

And in Gambit news, it’s now an audio book.  *squeee*  The narrator’s voice is smooth and rich.  I like it!

ROW8O: Wednesday and Sunday

What happened to my Wednesday post? I’m not sure…  The week went by so fast I think I simply forgot <–old age creeps in lol

So for the week:

Over 3k on my wolves story.

4.3k on my February wip that finally has a title: Bitter Harvest.

Started the edits on Magnetism.

I’m sure there was something else, but for the life of me I can’t remember…  Oh duh! I subbed Simulacrum.  It’ll be the end of Feb before I hear back on that.

Today will be a writing day and tomorrow edits. When I get the edits for Magnetism finished –hopefully next week — I’ll sub Friction.

ROW80: Sunday

Simulacrum is still simmering.  I moved onto Friction and the neverending sex scene is written and the first draft complete.  I’m also going to let that simmer as I have edits on the book before it, Magnetism to do before 10 Feb.  That also needs a tweak to one of the sex scenes.  My life measured in sex scenes, not coffee spoons lol

I’m playing with one of my wolf stories as I wait on a book for my m/m.  That also needs more of a plot and I’m feeding my subconscious hoping it turns up something good.

So my ROW80 this week is a bit confused, but I am moving forward 😀

ROW80 Wednesday

Simulacrum is done!

I think I finished it a bit earlier than my goal set, so yay for ROW80 🙂  It’s currently at 29750 – so a whole 250 words under the max word limit, lol – and the editing is done.  There are few tweaks still needed, so I’ll let it simmer for a week before I write the synopsis and blurb.

Today is looking at Friction and finishing that and subbing it.  Hopefully that’ll be done by the end of the week and it’s on to my post apoc.  I still need a title for that, too.  Not having a title is irking… lol

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ROW80: Sunday

I’ve had a few good writing days. Simulacrum –which I still can’t spell first time, ugh –is  at 26,400.  I’m on the last chapter, so I have another 2k or so and a missing fight scene to add.  Then it’s edit it all together to make sense. I think I’ll be pushing to the very edge of the 30k, but the story will make sense within that limit.

I also added a few words to my post-apoc story.  The Joy of Gay Sex arrived Friday. I’ve been skimming that and it’s helped to flesh out the story, adding a depth to the idea of my characters.

Oh and I also made up Freewrite Friday, writing about 500 words of a story to post up on my blog each week.  I have no clue where it’s going.  It’s fun.

Today is pulling all my stuff together for the tax man, so writing is a luxury for later.  Ugh.

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ROW80: Wednesday

I haven’t done too badly since Sunday.  Being away for the Saturday in Nottingham, I knew I had to catch up on Simulacrum.  I managed to hack out 2k for that on Sunday and 1k Monday and Tuesday.  It’s currently at just over 20 000 words.  I have to have it finished by the end of next week at the latest.  That’s another 10k.  So if I can pull another thousand words a day, at least,  I can make it. The deadline to sub it to Samhain is 1 Feb, so I know I’m cutting it fine.

I also added a few words to my post apoc m/m story and thrashed out the relationship of my characters with CPs who know what they’re doing with regards to writing m/m.

ROW80 is working for me.  I think having this accountability – regardless of how many words are produced –  is really helping me focus 🙂

ROW80: Sunday update

I’m not as far as I would like on Simulacrum, mainly as I got thwacked by 2 bunnies Thursday and Friday.

So I wrote about 1k on Simulacrum, an 1100 word outline, with snippets of scenes for an SF erotic rom and 1k on a post apoc m/m story.  Seriously, me writing m/m? It scares me as I’m terrified of getting it wrong, of making one of the heroes a woman with dangly bits… I blame ChrisQ and MargieL for sending me hypno rays with boy love attached.  *shakes fist* lol

The rest of today will be devoted to laundry and Simulacrum…not necessarily in that order…