ROW80: Wednesday

Bitter Harvest is chugging along.  I’m at 7.5k and still enjoying the omg-ness that is one of the heroes.

I found a new way of writing, which seems to be working for me – on this wip at least.  I’m outlining in a lot of detail, in Word Notebook and not worrying about the description, setting. I write: ‘they walked outside’ for instance and worry about the proper research later.  So it ends up about at about 600 words.  When I can’t stand it anymore, I write it up properly, doing the research and making it as clean a copy as I can.  Though the research is slow. Seriously what possessed me to set my story in the Tower of London?

I’ve stood outside – we went to London in August – and watched jousting there, but the expense of going in was prohibitive, plus with small moany boys in toe, I wouldn’t have taken much in.  I’m regretting that decision now! lol

Magnetism continues to chug.  Hopefully I’ll get it finished by the weekend. I have sex to add <–story of my writing life 😀

And in Gambit news, it’s now an audio book.  *squeee*  The narrator’s voice is smooth and rich.  I like it!

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  1. I’ve used that technique on one of my projects before and it worked nicely. I tend to be able to rattle off the dialogue fairly easily but freeze up on descriptions. Particularly if I’m working on scifi and have to make up so much of the world.

    Congrats on your audio book!

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