ROW80: Wednesday

I haven’t done too badly since Sunday.  Being away for the Saturday in Nottingham, I knew I had to catch up on Simulacrum.  I managed to hack out 2k for that on Sunday and 1k Monday and Tuesday.  It’s currently at just over 20 000 words.  I have to have it finished by the end of next week at the latest.  That’s another 10k.  So if I can pull another thousand words a day, at least,  I can make it. The deadline to sub it to Samhain is 1 Feb, so I know I’m cutting it fine.

I also added a few words to my post apoc m/m story and thrashed out the relationship of my characters with CPs who know what they’re doing with regards to writing m/m.

ROW80 is working for me.  I think having this accountability – regardless of how many words are produced –  is really helping me focus 🙂

6 thoughts on “ROW80: Wednesday

  1. Awesome stuff, and good luck with the submission 🙂
    I also think that ROW80 has helped me, not just with the accountability, but by providing that sense of writerly community that I don’t really get from most of my family/friends.

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