ROW80: Sunday

Simulacrum is still simmering.  I moved onto Friction and the neverending sex scene is written and the first draft complete.  I’m also going to let that simmer as I have edits on the book before it, Magnetism to do before 10 Feb.  That also needs a tweak to one of the sex scenes.  My life measured in sex scenes, not coffee spoons lol

I’m playing with one of my wolf stories as I wait on a book for my m/m.  That also needs more of a plot and I’m feeding my subconscious hoping it turns up something good.

So my ROW80 this week is a bit confused, but I am moving forward 😀

6 thoughts on “ROW80: Sunday

  1. Linda

    I have been toying with working on three at once. At this time, I am lucky to be able to spend enough time on one.
    I have a habit of getting side tracked by writing short stories instead of my work in progress.

    Congrads on your good week.

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