ROW80: Sunday update

I’m not as far as I would like on Simulacrum, mainly as I got thwacked by 2 bunnies Thursday and Friday.

So I wrote about 1k on Simulacrum, an 1100 word outline, with snippets of scenes for an SF erotic rom and 1k on a post apoc m/m story.  Seriously, me writing m/m? It scares me as I’m terrified of getting it wrong, of making one of the heroes a woman with dangly bits… I blame ChrisQ and MargieL for sending me hypno rays with boy love attached.  *shakes fist* lol

The rest of today will be devoted to laundry and Simulacrum…not necessarily in that order…

8 thoughts on “ROW80: Sunday update

  1. Thanks Claire, Stacey, Dawn, Cathryn, Tanja 🙂

    I think my goals are still on track. I have to get Simulacrum finished and subbed by 1 Feb as it’s my Samhain anthology entry.

    It took me a while but I got 2k written on it yesterday and it’s about 2/3s done. I did have the occasional man-love interruption though…

  2. Stacey Wallace Benefiel

    I think it sounds like you got quite a bit done! Best of luck in week 2! I’m all for there being more decent M/M in the world. Go you! 🙂

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