ROW80: Sunday

I’ve had a few good writing days. Simulacrum –which I still can’t spell first time, ugh –is  at 26,400.  I’m on the last chapter, so I have another 2k or so and a missing fight scene to add.  Then it’s edit it all together to make sense. I think I’ll be pushing to the very edge of the 30k, but the story will make sense within that limit.

I also added a few words to my post-apoc story.  The Joy of Gay Sex arrived Friday. I’ve been skimming that and it’s helped to flesh out the story, adding a depth to the idea of my characters.

Oh and I also made up Freewrite Friday, writing about 500 words of a story to post up on my blog each week.  I have no clue where it’s going.  It’s fun.

Today is pulling all my stuff together for the tax man, so writing is a luxury for later.  Ugh.

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9 thoughts on “ROW80: Sunday

  1. Stacey Wallace Benefiel

    You’re doing great! I giggled at your always spelling Simulacrum wrong the first go around. I have a character named Julian in one of my stories and I ALWAYS type Julain first. Crazy brains. 🙂

  2. Thanks Claire 🙂
    ROW80 has really got me sorted for the beginning of the year. I hope it continues.

    And the tax is half done. Of course, today I ran out of ink for the printer…so it’ll have to handed in Tuesday *sigh*

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