Epiphany moment

All right, I was (and still am) struggling with a sex scene in Paladin and could not work out why the scene was so s-l-o-w and difficult to write. I’d ploughed through the last scene in the story, and a wip before that, Demons, I’d piled up the sex scene count.

Now, it’s just hit me. It’s not a sex scene, it’s a making love scene.

Sex scenes are like action, fast, fun and a joy to write. The making love scene is complicated, slow and taxes my brain. The two characters have pushed past the lust and are heading for something more meaningful. Thinking back to other stories, this is the reason the sex was such a pita to write then too, lol

I’m not sure if this realisation helps me or not but at least I know now why I’m cursing my screen šŸ˜‰