Six Sentence Sunday: Frost

Long time not doing this again, but the end of FURY –it’s subbed, yay–and Christmas, New Year and my birthday got in the way.  Anyway, here’s my 6 from a new wip, an historical type m/m with a working title of FROST.  Yes, me and F titles… 🙂

The last man he’d had was an officer on the boat back from India three years before. Captain James Garrett. A survivor of Maiwand like himself. Mason had wanted to believe it was trade—Garrett had offered a reference to the registry—but the heat of the man’s sun browned skin, his hardened body as he shoved Mason up against the wall of the cabin and buried his dick in him, had been all about need. Want. Desire.

“As Williams said, sir, I’m a perfect fit.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Fury

This is probably the last post from Fury as I’m getting into the black moment and the end…and I don’t want to give it away 🙂

Which means I have to decide what wip I want next. I’m an addictive wip starter, so it could take time to decide.  Anyway, here’s this week’s six.

“I could fuck you.” He grazed her swollen bottom lip with his teeth, the tease of his magic tugging at her soul. “But we have thieves to gut.”

Ava twitched a smile and stepped back from him. She took his hand again. “You say the sweetest things.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Biopunk

And still with the lurgy this week, so Fury has hardly moved. Here’s a 6 from my biopunk I was playing with earlier in the week…when I should have been writing Fury. Bad me..

Sarah sighed against his neck, hot but pliant. He needed her to be…human as one of the masked keepers aimed a scanner at them.  The heat of the beams cut over his face and he shut his eyes against it.  Only for a moment.  He had to watch. Had to be ready.


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Six Sentence Sunday: Fury

Lurgy slowed the writing down this week–yay, for the neverending cough–but there’s a still a little more of FURY to share:

Heyerdar pushed her back against the cold wall.  He loomed over her, his face flickering with the light of his magic. “No.” His hand cupped her jaw and his thumb stroked across her lips, parting her mouth.  His low voice filled the silence. “No, we’ll never be like them.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: FURY

And I’m back to FURY 🙂 I’ve chopped and changed what I was going to post, but I’ve settled on this:

He stretched.  Firelight licked around him, moving with the slow ripple of the muscles in his back. Her deep teeth marks lined his shoulders and bruised his upper arms. The taste of his skin, the hint of flesh and the sweet stickiness of his blood still lingered on her tongue.

Everything about him was delicious.  It was fucking irritating.

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Six Sentence Sunday: ENERGY

ENERGY released this week, so here’s a snippet from that 🙂

“Was I a pleasant fuck?” She twisted against him, hating his strength and the fact that she could still taste him on her tongue, feel the ghost of him on and in her body. “Did you enjoy the fact that I knew nothing about sex? That I slavered over you. How shitty was it for you? Really?”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Fury

I’m also playing with my fantasy romance, FURY. Yes, I flit…

His thumbs teased along the sensitive inner sides of Ava’s thighs, teasing up the edge of her nightgown.  Darkened eyes held her.  He leaned forward, forcing her back, forcing her to dig her fingers into the warm blanket behind her.  The grip on her legs twisted into more than a bite of pain.

His voice became a low rumble.  “I broke into her room too.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Frequency

Yes, I’m a chop and changer 😉  The Biopunk is resting as my brain percolates the rest of the plot.  So I finally finished FREQUENCY –last of the Planetary Bodies books–and subbed it.

Here’s a very short, sneaky peek six:

Zev stopped breathing. His lips brushed her ear. “I catch you. I fuck you.” A hard smile curved against her skin. “Run.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Biopunk

Wow, it really has been a while now!  I’ve been editing 4 books since July, so my brain has been in complete edit mode for all that time.  But as BITTER HARVEST–the last of the 4–is going in for copyedits, I’m getting some of my writing brain back.  And I started a new wip. 😀

Further down in my blog is a little post about what the SF subgenre Biopunk means to me, and here’s the 6 sentences from the wip I finally started a few days back:

West ran his fingers through Sarah’s silver-blonde hair and kissed her jaw.  “You want to do more than watch?”

“Perhaps.”  Locke knocked back the rest of the glass and hissed against the burn of the gut-rot alcohol.  “You have somewhere we can go that’s private.”

It wasn’t a question.

Oh, and I’ve fallen before the m/m bug again…

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Six Sentence Sunday: Fury – part 7

I sort of took this week off…  Read and slobbed mainly 😉

Anyway, here’s my 6 from Fury:

She breathed in the warm, bloodied scent, finding it over the stink of people, of animals that swept around the high palace walls. The stall came closest to keeping the meat raw.  Her stomach growled and she could no longer resist. With a few snarling bites and quick swallows the meat-filled wrap was gone.

“No, I wouldn’t trust that mouth of yours anywhere near my dick.”

Ava almost choked on the last crumbs of bread still in her mouth.

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