Six Sentence Sunday: Frost

Long time not doing this again, but the end of FURY –it’s subbed, yay–and Christmas, New Year and my birthday got in the way.  Anyway, here’s my 6 from a new wip, an historical type m/m with a working title of FROST.  Yes, me and F titles… 🙂

The last man he’d had was an officer on the boat back from India three years before. Captain James Garrett. A survivor of Maiwand like himself. Mason had wanted to believe it was trade—Garrett had offered a reference to the registry—but the heat of the man’s sun browned skin, his hardened body as he shoved Mason up against the wall of the cabin and buried his dick in him, had been all about need. Want. Desire.

“As Williams said, sir, I’m a perfect fit.”

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13 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Frost

  1. Monica Enderle Pierce

    You’ve captured the male voice perfectly, set us firmly in history, and managed to make it hot. Damn, *that’s* knowing your craft.

  2. @Novel Girl – Thanks, I have hopes to get it pubbed 🙂

    @Jennie – Yep, the m/m is easier, in comparison to the historical research, which is bloody difficult! lol I have utter awe for historical writers now 🙂

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